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What’s Your Story?

Did you know that every person on the planet has a special story they’ve created for making sense of life?

You need a story as a guide to understanding the world and living in it. Your conscious thoughts and actions as well as your unconscious decisions and actions are controlled by your story. Every person’s story is a little different from another’s because of different life experiences.

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Here’s the kicker: Every story contains FLAWS, including false beliefs, lies, inaccuracies, baseless assumptions, and unhelpful thought patterns. Hard to believe but it’s true for every story.

On your own, you can’t and won’t question your story, including the FLAWS, because that would shake things up more than you want, be inconvenient, and a little scary. So along with the helpful parts of your story, you keep on using the FLAWS to guide your understanding, thoughts, and actions.

Your story will stop serving you well because the FLAWS will fully break down eventually, and there will be consequences.

Before the story breakdown, coaching can help you get your story out “on the table” so you can see it, hear it, evaluate its truth and usefulness, and identify the FLAWS. Working with a coach can help you avoid the undesirable consequences of using a FLAWed story and support the transformation of your thinking by exploring possible paths, even in challenging times.

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