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Become an Exceptional Leader

Master team leadership to get the results you want

Is Your Team Performing?

Managing yourself and your team can be frustrating – to even the best business leaders.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. 
Accomplish higher performance for yourself and your team with True Course executive coaching.

"75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies..."


How Coaching Makes the Difference

Every day business leaders are faced with people challenges that impact both their personal lives and careers. Research shows that the way you respond emotionally to those challenges determines the outcome. True Course can equip you with the perspectives, tools, and skills for responding to challenges with a high emotional IQ and leading your team to success.
Todd Moore
Todd Moore
President & CEO, Alliance Bank Central Texas
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From my coaching experience I became aware of how much positive impact we can have on our daily lives by managing those portions that we can control…I highly recommend that you give the process a try; you will not regret it.
Dr. Felicia Macik
Dr. Felicia Macik
Founder, Uncommon Healthcare
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I gained valuable insight about who I am at my core, specifically characteristics that influence how I synthesize experiences, problem solve and manage stress. Some of these are inherent and others developed as a result of life events, both positive and negative. This new awareness has created opportunities for me to nurture my strengths and to take action in areas where traditionally I have been challenged.
Taylor Sandlin
Taylor Sandlin
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Michael came alongside me and helped me develop habits and goals that would not only help me successfully navigate that period of my ministry, but also help set me on a lifelong journey of successful ministry. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for assistance in becoming the best minister that they can be.

Getting Started Is Easy & Risk Free

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