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It's a big world out there. Who's on the journey with you? True Course enables you to reach your highest potential through proven coaching strategies. Tell Me More

Coaching Matters

Continuous learning and intentional growth directly contribute to your fulfillment. We set you on the right path to success with customized and proven coaching strategies, and enable you to reach your highest potential personally, professionally, and relationally.

True Course Executive Coaching

At True Course, we inspire our clients into action and equip them to regain control of their lives and focus on achieving their goals and dreams.

True Course Ministries

At True Course Ministries, we provide tools and coaching support for healthy personal growth and self-care, skill development, and leadership development for career clergy.


The Last Stress Management Book You’ll Ever Need

Put Stress to Work available on

Stress doesn’t have to control you or ruin your life. Managed properly, stress can become a positive factor in your life and contribute to your success and well-being.

  • revolutionize the way you view stress
  •  gain practical tools
  • achieve your life purpose

Don’t want to wait?  We get it!  In the meantime, checkout our burnout assessment and see if you qualify!  (We hope not but chances are you do!)

Be More.  See More.
Achieve More.

What Makes Us Different


Experience & Expertise

Dr. J. Michael Godfrey is the author of an award-winning mentoring program and founder of True Course, a company which provides training, coaching and consulting. He holds two doctoral degrees, one in Ministry and the other in Educational Psychology.


Personalized Approach

We value your unique personality, gifts, talents, and experiences.  We bring out each client’s best by asking challenging questions which yield clarity, occasionally offering advice, expecting a lot, helping them strategize and celebrating their wins.



We provide unique tools that you can immediately incorporate into your current leadership tool set.  These tools are designed to help reinforce the principles discussed during your coaching sessions and provide value for years to come.



While the final results of coaching take time, you can be assured that immediate results will also follow your coaching sessions.  We provide practical exercises that you can implement at home, work, or in the car that move you along the path to success.

What They Said About True Course

Listen to what our clients are saying about their experience


I highly recommend that you give the process a try

From my coaching experience I became aware of how much positive impact we can have on our daily lives by managing those portions that we can control…I highly recommend that you give the process a try; you will not regret it.

-Todd Moore
President & CEO, Alliance Bank Central Texas


I gained valuable insight about who I am at my core

I gained valuable insight about who I am at my core, specifically characteristics that influence how I synthesize experiences, problem solve and manage stress. Some of these are inherent and others developed as a result of life events, both positive and negative. This new awareness has created opportunities for me to nurture my strengths and to take action in areas where traditionally I have been challenged.

-Dr. Felicia Macik, Founder, Uncommon Healthcare | Waco, TX


…help set me on a lifelong journey of successful ministry

Michael came alongside me and helped me develop habits and goals that would not only help me successfully navigate that period of my ministry, but also help set me on a lifelong journey of successful ministry. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for assistance in becoming the best minister that they can be.

-Taylor Sandlin

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