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Team Performance

“By working through different communication styles, brain structure and function, and investigating stress responses, your team will most certainly benefit from Dr. Godfrey’s years of training and experience.”
Jason K. Bryant, MD, Medical Director, Premier ER & Urgent Care

Growth Through Learning

In a fast-paced world, teams that organize to learn beat teams that only organize to execute.

All healthy teams share common traits – they’re flexible, resilient, and each team member shows skillful emotional intelligence. When working with a True Course advisor to prioritize team learning over simply execution, the outcomes include:

Even the best teams may be hindered by distractions, unproductive conflict, and frustration leading to burnout and lost productivity. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Transform your company’s future today.

Help yourself and your team heal and grow into a powerhouse organization.

Embrace Emotional Intelligence

Develop the skills to enrich outcomes for both yourself and others. become aware of your emotions, your team’s emotions, and manage them for better relationships and productivity, especially in difficult circumstances.

Core Principles

Our Team Performance Coaching can help your team develop:

Shared Leadership Mindsets

  • Disciplined focus on shared values, purpose, mission, and vision.
  • Increased ability to think critically, individually, and together.

Healthy Communication and Culture

  • A culture where individuals can be their best self and do their best work.
  • Trust-based communication including asking questions clearly and frequently and sharing crucial information quickly.
  • Clear expectations and “rules of the road” for team interaction.

Conflict and Relationship Skills

  • Skills for leveraging conflict for greater productivity.
  • Increasing emotional intelligence competencies to improve relationships.
Chart adapted from "Emotional Intelligence - The Essential Skillset for the age of AI".

Get Better Team Performance Now

Now is the time to act and become the leader you know you can be.
It’s hard feeling stuck, but there’s a way out and up! Find your true course and take the next step.
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