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Does it feel like you’re missing out on what you really want while you were busy just surviving?

Do you ever feel a quiet sadness or disappointment over lost opportunities, superficial relationships, missed moments with friends and family, or things you’ve said or done?

That’s regret. It can sap your energy, poison your future, and harm those you treasure.

Full of compassion, practical tools and sage counsel, Without Regret offers you the opportunity to change the course of your life. In Without Regret, you’ll learn how to eliminate your past regret and stop it from weighing you down. Plus, you’ll learn how to avoid regret in the future so that you can do more, see more and achieve more without sacrificing your loved ones, your integrity, or your health.

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A Lifetime of Experience Distilled into a Life-Changing Book.

Michael Godfrey is the author of an award-winning mentoring program and founder of True Course, a company which provides training, coaching and consulting. He holds two doctoral degrees, one in Ministry and the other in Educational Psychology. Michael has more than 35 years of experience in Christian Ministry. He lives in Robinson, Texas with his wife Susan and celebrates having great relationships with his two adult children.

“Without Regret: Be More, See More, Achieve More That Really Matters by J. Michael Godfrey is a book on managing and overcoming the common feeling of regret that most people feel at least some time in their lives. Without Regret is structured into a few parts so that each part deals with understanding the true meaning of regret, defining and understanding yourself to know what you want and what you are, then taking appropriate action as necessary to avoid and minimize the feelings of regret and lost opportunities, and lastly, how to live graciously with regret and a change of perspective on this feeling. Each of these broad categories contains several chapters, each dealing with a unique facet of this universal issue of regret. There is also a list of references at the end, as well as notes and brief questionnaires throughout the book that are meant to help the reader on this journey.” Read More

Gisela Dixon - Readers' Favorite Review

“Without Regret: Be More, See More, Achieve More That Really Matters by J. Michael Godfrey is an excellent book that takes the reader from a state of hopelessness to action. From the first page, I felt a transformation taking place. Immediately empowering its readers, this book then shows novel techniques that can help keep the reader on their path to a regret-free life. This book explains what causes regret and how to avoid it by planning and following their plan. I loved how the author’s voice is both encouraging and comforting; like a life coach standing beside you, guiding you to make better decisions. I believe it is the perfect book to read and apply for the New Year. I recommend this book for those that feel as if they are stuck, stagnating, or wish to live a healthier, happier life.” Read More

Alyssa Elmore - Readers' Favorite Review

“Without Regret: Be More, See More, Achieve More That Really Matters by J. Michael Godfrey, DMin, PhD, PCC is a realistic approach to one of the problems that stand in the way of the pursuit of happiness and a fulfilling life in people — regret. I felt connected with the message from the very start of this book and many readers will definitely feel the same. “You’ve worked hard and have some achievements under your belt, yet you feel a quiet sadness or disappointment over lost opportunities, superficial relationships, missed moments with friends and family, or things you’ve said or done.” We can so easily get stuck in regret that we fail to identify and explore the opportunities that life offers us. But it shouldn’t be so. In this compelling work, the author offers powerful insights, teaching stories, and a step-by-step guide on how to beat regret and reconnect with what we really want.” Read More

Readers' Favorite Review

“Without Regret: Be More, See More, Achieve More That Really Matters by J. Michael Godfrey is a groundbreaking book that offers readers the tools required to break free from the grip of regret. Each of us has missed opportunities and there are things we wish we had never done. But even though we leave these things behind and move on, they can haunt us and make life miserable as we dwell on them, stuck with the “what ifs,” the “what might have beens,” wasting energy on what we don’t have control over anymore. This book is a message of hope to readers, a message that they can set themselves free and pursue their dreams, and create the life they really want.” Read More

Readers' Favorite Review

“Michael Godfrey has given us a straightforward guide for improving our lives. Whatever your life stage, it is never too late to break the “regret” cycle. This accessible and practical guide gives you the tools you need to start this process. Useful for youth groups, college classes, church small groups, and individuals, Godfrey sets us on a path toward freedom.”

Randall Bradley, D.M.A., The Ben H. Williams Professor of Music, Professor of Church Music, Director of the Church Music Program and The Center for Christian Music Studies, Baylor School of Music

“Living a life without regret is a universal desire. This book gives us a clear blueprint for making that desire a reality.”

Steven P. Raley, MD, Waco, Texas

“For years I’ve been trying to put a handle on why I feel the way I do when looking back over my shoulder. I mean, what parent hasn’t felt some aspect of regret in raising kids? Did I say the right thing? Was I fair? Did I live up to my words? And thinking back on my high school and college years, I’ve wondered if a different choice might have made for a different outcome. Truth is, I’m here now. It’s time to leave regrets where they belong… behind me. Mike’s given me some real tools here to deal with ‘the now’ of life; to embrace the uniqueness that God has planted in me. I’m sure everyone who reads this book will come away, as I did, with real, practical and positive help for steps to a life without regret.”

Chris Machen, Singer-Songwriter, Worship Leader, President of The Master's Music

“In a world filled with measurements and pressures of success from the outside world ranging from personal relationships, career, power and monetary goals. The book Without Regret gives a step-by-step plan to evaluate and match your belief system to a life plan that brings a constant inner joy that is sustainable instead of fleeting happiness and recurrent guilt. A great read.”

Kimber L. Holmes, DDS, Pasadena Family Dentistry, Pasadena, Texas

Without Regret speaks to the core of what holds us back from regret-free living. Dr. Godfrey’s unique perspective of having coached hundreds of people from all walks of life, coupled with his transparency in sharing his own life experiences, makes Without Regret a must-read.”

Chuck King, Owner, Chick-fil-A, Longview, Texas

“From the opening sentence, I identified with the message in Without Regret. Dr. Godfrey’s experience and study have prepared me to analyze my priorities, belief systems, and attitude in order to live a more fulfilling life. Just as he writes of the need to consistently plan and re-evaluate, I plan to use Without Regret as a tool for doing so for many years to come.”

Scott Rogers, Senior Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer, Alliance Bank Central Texas, Waco, Texas

“Michael Godfrey has provided for us a practical and valid path toward the abundant life promised to people of faith. He lays out a wonderfully detailed variety of ways for people to frame the process of self-discovery and how it is fundamental to the journey of living a life without regret. This is more than just another self-help book. It’s an easily accessed, but highly thoughtful template for faithful living.”

Charles Fuller, DMA, MDiv, Interim Administrative Pastor and Minister for Congregational Life, Second Baptist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas

“Life moves at such a fast pace – Without Regret will help many people focus on present and future, not past. Without such a focus, much of life may be wasted on regrets of ‘what if.’ Michael has done a great job with this book of helping the reader look forward, reducing the drag of past, and giving all to the capacity God has provided us with in each day of life. The tools to accomplish free living are contained in this book; go forward in Christ!”

Tom Crow, Executive Pastor, First Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee

Without Regret has been a powerful reminder to me that I have a choice when it comes to regret and that no one can make me feel regret. In addition, Michael’s disciplines of Forming, Performing, and Transforming provided me with a practical approach to transform regret into a potential-filled experience. I am eager to carve out time to apply these disciplines.”

J. Val Hastings, Founder and President, Coaching4Clergy, author of Ministry 3.0

Without Regret speaks to real life. Dr. Godfrey’s wise words have produced laser-like focus for living and are enabling me as a Christ-follower, wife, mother and minister to literally live without regret.”

Julie Hammer, Ministry of Childhood Education, Columbus Avenue Baptist Church, Waco, Texas

“Churches are filled with Christians who are living life with regret. This book is a useful tool for pastors seeking practical steps to help their parishioners learn to embrace their God-given uniqueness and to live life without regret.”

Rev. Jeff Cockerham, Associate Pastor of Discipliship, Central Baptist Church, Fountain City, Tennessee

“Each of us experiences some measure of regret and disappointment in our lives. In Without Regret, Michael inspires us to form, perform and transform our lives in order to achieve a life of abundance and experience all of the blessings that God has in store for us.”

Ian McCaw, Director of Athletics, Baylor University

“Having experienced regret and yet not living with regret is such a difficult difference to discover that most of us can never distinguish the two. The difference is not found in philosophical soliloquy but in practical steps as Dr. Godfrey lays out so clearly, concisely, and convincingly. After reading Michael’s Without Regret I can confidently say that I know the difference of experiencing regret yet not living with regret, and I am now living ‘without regret.’”

Glynn N. Stone, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Mobberly Baptist Church, Longview, Texas

“Having known Michael Godfrey both personally and professionally, I can attest first hand to the fact that the principles and wisdom set forth in Without Regret work. Michael is well-qualified and dead-on in his insight. Application of the Form – Perform – Transform model will make an immediate impact on your life, just like it has in mine!”

Mark Whitaker, JD, Partner, Baird, Crews, Schiller & Whitaker, P.C., Temple, Texas

“I consider Michael a dear friend and mentor. His wisdom and perspective have helped change my leadership skills and allowed me to grow both professionally and spiritually. I was moved while reading Without Regret by the concept that “regret is your choice.” Grasping the truth of that statement opened up my mind to the principle that I have a lot more power over regret than regret has power over me!”

Rev. Amos Humphries, Senior Pastor, Park Lake Drive Baptist Church, Waco, Texas

“I have worked with Michael on a church staff, and enjoyed many conversations with him about life and work. Without Regret captures the wisdom of his personal spiritual journey. Michael has clearly discovered many gems along the ups and downs of his path, and he does an excellent job of offering these to the reader. This book will be of great help to those who find themselves second-guessing life while it continues to go by.”

Rev. Wesley M. Eades, Ph.D., LPC, LMFT

“In my work as a licensed professional counselor, I have met with many individuals who are living in the pain of their own poor choices. Some people can struggle against this pain for years, due to a lack of understanding about how to move forward. In his book, Without Regret, Michael Godfrey lays out a framework for people to use as a way of addressing their regrets and making the necessary adjustments to live life more fully and more authentically. Each chapter also offers the opportunity to integrate matters of faith and spirituality into the transformation process. I found Dr. Godfrey’s book to be both insightful and practical for those seeking resolution in moving past the pain of past regrets.”

Tracy Miller, M.S., LPC, Pathway Counseling Center

“In our present age, we all too often feel adrift, helpless to resist the waves of life and where those currents may take us. Dr. Godfrey’s Without Regret sounds the horn that by changing our perspective we may chart a course and voyage to a destination of God’s choosing.”

Rev. Jim Coston, Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Waco, Texas

“In this easy to read book, Michael Godfrey takes a complex issue and disassembles it into smaller, more manageable pieces. Risking oversimplification for our sake, he does the important work of convincing us that we can, indeed, overcome regret one ‘do-able’ step at a time. He walks alongside the reader as an experienced and reliable guide from the very first page onward. Here, Dr. Godfrey extends a helping hand. Pick up the book and grasp it.”

Terry W. York, DMA, Professor of Christian Ministry and Church Music, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

“In Without Regret, Michael Godfrey has taken on a topic or, more precisely, an emotion familiar to almost everyone, but that few have the knowledge, skills or understanding with which to successfully cope. This book convinced me to reassess my own emotional and spiritual maturity and to take an introspective look at how I deal with regret. Importantly, Without Regret does not offer some new ‘pop psychology’ mantra or questionable self-help methods; rather, the book provides some clear, concise and time-tested tools for use in living a life without regret. Yes, it can be done!! Thank you, Dr. Godfrey, for providing a work that encouraged and inspired this reader to adjust my own beliefs about regret and, in so doing, to make a conscious decision to live a life full of joy as I press on toward the goal. God bless!”

Rogers Pope, Jr., JD, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Texas Bank and Trust, Longview, Texas

“Is it possible to live a life without regret? After reading Dr. Godfrey’s book, I believe it is. Dr. Godfrey presents a strategy that anyone can use to make decisions that lead to fulfillment rather than regret. In addition, his strategy provides a way to navigate the unexpected events of life so that feelings of regret become opportunities for learning. I am excited to discover what happens in my life as I begin to live without regret.”

Marcy Smith, Minister of Children and Education, Western Heights Baptist Church, Waco, Texas

“Michael Godfrey has written a marvelously wise book that offers concrete steps for resolving the regrets that come in life that can hamper our effectiveness, cramp our relationships, or put us out of commission altogether. Everyone who has ever said ‘I wish that I had not done that,’ or ‘I am heartbroken that this happened,’ will benefit enormously from reading this guide for promoting a more constructive, spiritual attitude toward life.”

David E. Garland, Ph.D., Dean, Charles J. and Eleanor McLerran Delancey Chair of the Dean, and Professor of Christian Scriptures, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

“Michael Godfrey is a man of wisdom gifted in sharing his wisdom with others. Without Regret distills his wisdom into book form to share with all who will listen as they read. As a product of Dr. Godfrey’s coaching, I highly recommend Without Regret. Read this book, practice its principles, and see growth flourish in your life.”

Rev. Mike Lee, Senior Pastor, Third Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“Michael’s work in this book will guide you to peel back the layers of your life to find the authentic you. By peeling back the layers of your ‘onion’ you might just find a bud at the center just ready to blossom into what God intended you to be.”

Kay Kotan, ACC, You Unlimited, Independence, Missouri

“My friend Michael Godfrey has coached me through some life altering transitions in recent years. This book contains the principles which now help me to live a maximized life, without regret!”

Jason Greene, Pastor, Heritage Church, Preston, UK

“In Without Regret Dr. Michael Godfrey brings his considerable skill in professional coaching and his solid background in adult learning and psychology to bear upon the central human struggle with meaning. The book guides the reader in specific ways to examine questions of personal uniqueness and calling and to make clear plans that will transform the future. I found this book to be encouraging and practical – a source of real help.”

R. Robert Creech, Ph.D., Hubert H. & Gladys S. Raborn Professor of Pastoral Leadership and Director of Pastoral Ministries, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

“Occasionally a book comes along that instantly absorbs the reader because you know the author has stood in your shoes a good while. Without Regret is just such a book, enumerating three simple but practical steps to springing forward – rather than falling apart – from failures and unmet expectations.”

Kirby P. Bozeman, CPE, Longview, Texas

“Anyone who has lived, probably has experienced regret. Although many are minor in the grand scheme of things, there are some life experiences that overwhelm us with regret. If your regret is more of the latter variety than the former, then this book is for you. Dr. Godfrey provides the reader with a clear, concise strategy for moving forward in those times of guilt and regret, as well as for avoiding any future pitfalls related to them.”

Dr. Ken Young, Assistant Professor, Center for Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas

“Suppose there was a map that showed a path toward the integration of experience, purpose and hope. Suppose a life without regret wasn’t a matter of happenstance but of decision and action. Would you use the map? Would you make a plan and move forward? Michael Godfrey’s book Without Regret offers practical direction and helpful encouragement to all who are ready to take responsibility and risk for the outcome of their life and legacy. Intriguing, inspiring – a good read that you won’t regret!”

The Reverend Suzan Hawkinson, M.Div., D.Min, The First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield, Illinois

“Whether we realize or not, regret hijacks our ability to make the most of the opportunities in front of us. In Without Regret, Michael Godfrey provides simple, yet profound steps for regaining control over our attitudes, our plans, and ultimately, our lives. By following the steps in this book, I am making small adjustments to my daily routine that help bring my actions in line with my values, thus setting me free from regret and free for making the most of my days.”

Taylor Sandlin, D.Min., Pastor, Southland Baptist Church, San Angelo, Texas

Without Regret addresses the most basic and strategic adjustment in maturing lives – discovering how to live according to your unique purpose and developing a plan for effectiveness and meeting the basic challenges in life. It is one of the most helpful guides I have read for meeting challenges and disappointments that often sidetrack us. This book will be a very significant guide for all professionals who desire to be more effective in their personal lives and careers.”

Ronald L. Cook, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Christian Scriptures and Director of the D.Min. Program, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Without Regret confronts the reality that many of us simply – and very often regretfully – accept what life might bring our way. Drawing upon his personal experiences as well as insight gained from his many years as a life coach and mentor, author J. Michael Godfrey challenges the reader to begin now to live with genuine purpose and intentionality. In Without Regret you will find stimulating, creative and practical guidance that if followed, will indeed give you the opportunity to live a life that really matters – a life lived without regret!”

Keith D. Bruce, D.Min., Executive Director, Breckenridge Village of Tyler

Without Regret is an eye-opening book that showed me insights about myself and others I may have never understood. The idea that a regret-free life is found by regularly evaluating and making adjustments to be true to myself is invigorating. I am now able to live life with more freedom and confidence in the ‘real’ me!”

David Nordyke, Founder and President, Simply Design Group, Dallas, Texas

Without Regret provides a simple, memorable outline for assessing your current life stage and station so you may address past or present regrets and avoid future and final regret. The principles outlined in Without Regret by Michael have been tested and proven out of personal and professional experience and will provide valuable guidance for anyone who wants to finish life’s journey without regret.”

Gregg Zackary, D.Min., Senior Associate Pastor, Mobberly Baptist Church, Longview, Texas

“I really thought I had very few regrets in my life… man was I surprised. I never realized how much the regrets were affecting my true calling until I read this book. Godfrey nailed it: ‘Regret was drying up my soul.’ I have personally put the exercises that are encouraged into practice. The bottom line: it’s transforming and renewing my self-concept, vision, and purpose. This book is like a breath of fresh mountain air for the soul.”

Pat Cammarata, President, There is More, Inc., Pastor, Carpenter's Way Fellowship

Without Regret gave me insight into my past, present, and future pursuits. It helped me evaluate what I need to do and how to make necessary changes to achieve what really matters to me. It makes me realize that ‘I’m not where I should be, but I’m a long way from where I used to be,’ but with lots of room for continued improvement. Without Regret will help me keep my focus.”

Colonel Don Riley, USAF Retired, Waco, Texas

“Michael, thank you for placing a mirror in my hand and guiding me through identifying and understanding the reality of regret in my life; and then providing practical, purposeful ways to move beyond it!”

Gaye Christy, Executive Assistant to the President, East Texas Baptist University

“In the same way Jesus asked the paralytic, ‘Do you wish to be healed?’ Without Regret challenges us to choose to live a life without disappointment or regret. The answer is in the question. The message of the book is both simple and brilliant.”

Todd Moore, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Alliance Bank of Central Texas, Waco, Texas

“Being yourself requires courage. Without Regret provides unique insights related to how we can answer the question “Who am I?” Once discovered, Mike candidly illustrates how each of us can live our lives with integrity, even while glimpsing at the rear-view mirror.”

Brian L. Fowler, MD, author of The Beating of My Hearts

“As a football coach, I drilled the concepts of integrity, purpose, and achievement into my teams. Without Regret distills these concepts and many more into a practical and intelligent read. Without Regret tackles many issues common to our times: productivity, communication, burnout, sabotage, and how to live a life you design instead of a life that just happens to you. Full of action plans and how-to steps that anyone can implement, Without Regret will make you a better person and a winner at the game of life. Highly recommended.”

Grant Teaff, Executive Director, American Football Coaches Association

“It’s never too late to do away with regret and be uniquely you. In Without Regret, J. Michael Godfrey offers his readers the tools they need to live a life without regrets and become the persons they were uniquely created to be. Integrating his years of training, education, coaching, and local church ministry, Godfrey provides helpful and practical steps to be more, see more, and achieve more that really matters. He reminds us that regret focuses our attention on the past, but with hard work and great courage we can live purposefully in the present and transform our future. With keen insight Godfrey guides his reader to form a life plan based upon who they are and to live out that plan with courage, integrity, and grace. Without Regret is a timely message for those who struggle with the demands of faith, family, and work. You won’t regret the journey that awaits.”

Rev. Dr. Wade E. Smith, Ph.D., Pastor, First Baptist Church, Norman, Oklahoma
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