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The Last Stress Management Book You’ll Ever Need

Stress doesn’t have to control you or ruin your life. Managed properly, stress can become a positive factor in your life and contribute to your success and well-being. When you treat stress like an employee and get it to work for you instead of against you, your life will quickly improve.

Filled with fascinating information and useful tools, Put Stress to Work, will revolutionize the way you view stress and provide practical tools to enlist it to help you achieve your life purpose. Written with compassion and understanding, Put Stress to Work is a book you’ll read with a highlighter in hand and recommend to your friends.

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A Lifetime of Experience Distilled into a Life-Changing Book.

Michael Godfrey is the author of an award-winning mentoring program and founder of True Course, a company which provides training, coaching and consulting. He holds two doctoral degrees, one in Ministry and the other in Educational Psychology. Michael served for 12 years as a part-time lecturer in Christian education, leadership, and mentoring at the George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University and has more than 35 years of experience in Christian Ministry. He lives in Robinson, Texas with his wife Susan and celebrates having great relationships with his two adult children.

“This book is insightful and practical. I love how Michael describes stress as an employee that I can put to work. It’s a relief to learn that I can be the boss of stress instead of the other way around!”

David Nordyke, Founder and President, Simply Design Group, Dallas, TX

“In his book, “Put Stress to Work,” Dr. Godfrey skillfully presents complex physiological concepts in a way that is easy to read and understand. This is a must-read for anyone who would like to dig deeper into the way stress works and, more importantly, learn how to let stress work for you in accomplishing your goals.”

Rebecca Hamilton, Physician Assistant and Mom

“In my work as a therapist, many of my clients come for counseling because they feel overwhelmed and under-equipped to handle the stressors they face in life. What I find useful about Dr. Godfrey’s book, “Put Stress to Work,” is that it addresses stress from a physiological, brain-based approach and focuses on teaching ways to manage these stressors rather than eliminating them. And the topic of learning to manage stress is quite relevant for everyone I know, myself included.”

Tracy Miller, MS, LPC

“We all know about and experience stress. What we don’t know is how to deal with it in productive ways. Using a creative analogy – “manager hiring an employee” – and simple language, Dr. Godfrey unpacks how to recognize types of stress, sources of stress and ways to avoid, overcome and put them to productive work.”

Todd Vincent, Financial Advisor and Regional Leader at Edward Jones

“Stress feels like a constant companion – at work, at home, at every place in life. Michael Godfrey recasts this relationship so that readers cease to view stress as a hindrance and rather consider it an impulse toward excellence and success. That constant companion may yet become a friend.”

Jim Coston, Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Michael Godfrey articulates in this book what I have seen him demonstrate first hand. He is a master at taking the reality of stress and turning it from a burden to a tool, from an enemy to a friend. He’s done it in my life and in many others that I know. Through “Put Stress to Work,” he can do it in your life as well.”

Mark Whitaker, JD, Attorney and Partner, Baird, Crews, Schiller, & Whitaker, P.C.

“I will be recommending this book to my clients for bibliotherapy in my counseling practice. This book is a must-read for all who have stress in their life and that is everyone. Dr. Godfrey has done his research and has done an excellent job explaining and teaching what stress is all about and how to turn it around to work for you.”

Gayla Jacobs McNatt, LPC

“I’ve worked with Dr. Godfrey for a couple of years and this book goes to the heart of the issues we most commonly address…maintaining energy level and stress management. Understanding the relationship between the two and gaining insight into what stress looks like is huge. I highly recommend for this purpose.”

Monte Cooper, DDS

“I appreciate Dr. Godfrey’s positive approach to managing stress. Instead of a necessary evil, it’s a tool that can work to our advantage for growth and development if we choose to use it as such. Learn how to take ownership of stress – much of which we create ourselves – instead of playing the victim to circumstances.”

Lesley Myrick, Owner/Principal, Lesley Myrick Art + Design, LLC

“Without a doubt, everyone who lives in our ever growing fast paced world today can relate to the battle against stress. Dr. Godfrey brings his unique insights to bear on this challenging topic to give you a fresh understanding on how to convert stress into a powerful tool in your everyday life.”

Chuck King, Owner, Chick-fil-A, Longview, Texas

“Stress is like a vital sign that reminds us we are alive . . . if we have a pulse, it is a given that we are experiencing some type of stress. Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to believe that stress is exclusively unhealthy and counterproductive and case studies abound detailing the catastrophes experienced by those who managed it poorly. In “Put Stress to Work,” Dr. Michael Godfrey challenges what we “know” about stress and presents a powerful opportunity for us to redefine our relationship with it. With a nuanced understanding of the subject supported by the latest research and basic principles of neuroscience, he explores the foundations of stress and our (often emotional and destructive) responses to it and then defines strategies employed by those who successfully use stress to motivate, inspire and achieve. If applied, these practical, actionable steps can decimate the helplessness born of misunderstanding the character of stress. Thank you, Dr. Godfrey, for moving stress from the darkness into the light and skillfully dissecting it. The knowledge and empowering principals gleaned from “Put Stress to Work” are invaluable additions to my life skills tool box.”

Dr. Felicia Macik, Founder, Uncommon Healthcare

“Stress is real, inevitable and unavoidable. Stress has an immense impact on every aspect of life- emotional, physical, and spiritual. I encounter this every day in my medical practice. The question is…how do we respond? Dr. Godfrey successfully breaks “stress” down to its foundational core so that we can better understand each facet of this complex problem. This book provides practical skills that will not only allow you to successfully manage stress, but also to use it to your advantage. Everyone can benefit from his wise instruction, and I can quickly apply his advice and admonitions to my daily life, professional life, and medical practice.”

Jason K. Bryant, MD, Medical Director

“This book teaches that despite how we feel or our preconceptions, most stressors really are within our control. Our own belief system, expectations and relationships are often triggers: in other words, our choices. Dr. Godfrey shows us how we can manage stress rather than be a victim of it.”

Todd Moore, President and CEO, Alliance Bank Central Texas

“Stress is a useful servant but a distressing master. Dr. Godfrey’s new book, “Put Stress to Work,” provides a unique perspective on managing stress and will be a useful resource for all of us; one that will help us engage stress without becoming distressed.”

Richard E. Watts, Ph.D., LPC-S, Distinguished Professor of Counseling, Texas State University System Regents’ Professor Department of Counselor Education, Sam Houston State University

“In the increasingly fast paced and busied world we find ourselves living, how often do we feel “stressed out”, but unable to do anything about it? In the same way, Dr. Michael Godfrey dismantled the foe of REGRET in his previous book, he now takes on the villain of STRESS. In “Put Stress to Work,” Dr. Godfrey shares his years of experience to impart the understanding that we need to recognize the different kinds of stress, the tools to conquer them, and put stress to work for us.”

Gerard A. Marroquin, M.D., Medical Director of Urgent Care

“In “Put Stress to Work,” Dr. Godfrey educates readers on the realities of stress as part of our daily lives. He makes the distinction between good stress and bad stress, stresses we can control and others we cannot. Then he teaches readers how to manage our own choices, beliefs, and perceptions so we aren’t constantly falling victim to stress but rather are equipped to respond in a healthy way that channels stress into working for us. Dr. Godfrey’s writing is smart, engaging, and relatable. He expands the reader’s knowledge of the physiological effects of stress while offering up relevant examples and actionable advice on leading a more peaceful life.”

Cam Armstrong Conn, PhD, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Curriculum & Student Affairs, Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences

“Henry Ford defined failure as “the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” Chances are, if you’re scanning this book, you’ve already tried and failed to manage the stressors in your life… and you’re looking for ways to begin again more intelligently. Here’s a great place to begin that journey. Dr. Michael Godfrey’s “Put Stress to Work” is filled with sound and proven methods to better manage tension, stress and anxiety, and in the process, to ensure that one’s life is filled with more vitality, deep satisfaction, and joy. Dr. Godfrey is precise and practical in his suggestions and recommendations. Woven throughout these recommendations is the overarching view that, if we are to live our lives well and with a sense of completeness, we must align our small and big choices with the plumb line of our highest priorities and values. In this vein Dr. Godfrey skillfully walks us through this challenging journey so that, in the end, we can experience more of what truly matters.”

Tricia Raley, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

“Dr. Godfrey’s book is a must read to anyone who has ever experienced stress in their life. He gives a detailed understanding of how one can take stress, what seems to be a foe and make it your ally. It’s a formula that is particularly helpful in ministry, family, and personal daily living! This read blessed me and continues to remind us that Jesus came that we all may live life more abundantly.”

S. J. Gilbert II, D. Min., Pastor, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Houston, TX, President, Houston Metropolitan Baptist Minister’s Conference

“As an Emergency Medicine Physician in the US Army with multiple deployments, I’ve dealt with both the acute and chronic effects of stress. “Put Stress to Work” helped me to utilize my stress to improve (instead of destroy) my skills, relationships and life. I’m not only a better doctor when lives are at stake but also a better manager, friend and family member.”

Dr. Jason Smith (Major, USAR), Medical Director

“Put Stress to Work: Turning Headaches into Advantages, by J. Michael Godfrey, is a comprehensive dissection of stress in people’s lives today, as well as a complete guide directing the reader to reduce and/or eliminate stress on a daily basis. The book describes where stress comes from (most often ourselves!), how our physiology reacts to the stress and the negative effects it can produce over time. Starting from our own personal goals and moving outward, it provides the blueprint for a healthy lifestyle. The book also provides numerous references, helping to base the book in research instead of simply one writer’s opinion.” Read More

Bruce Arrington - Readers' Favorite Review

“Put Stress to Work: Turning Headaches into Advantages by J. Michael Godfrey is a great book for mental health professionals and readers who are suffering from stress — and that could also include people with no or less stress because stress comes into our lives unannounced. This book came to me as a timely gift because I am undergoing a very stressful period of my life and I discovered very useful tips and strategies that I can’t wait to start implementing. It is easy to complain that we are stressed out, to indulge in things that cause more stress, hoping that we are eliminating stress from our life. J. Michael Godfrey offers readers a tool that will not only help them handle stress, but make it work for them. It’s how he does it that is interesting.” Read More

Readers' Favorite Review

“Put Stress to Work: Turning Headaches into Advantages by J. Michael Godfrey is a timely and revolutionary book that has the potential to transform the lives of contemporary men and women who are overburdened by one of the common problems of our age — stress. A book about stress management couldn’t be more welcome in this time, given that our competitive and fast-paced work environments put millions of people under stress. It is no secret that stress can break people in various ways, making other areas of their lives such as career, relationships, and family suffer its effects. But it needn’t be so. In his book, J. Michael Godfrey offers readers the tips they need to transform stress into a tool that works for them. ”  Read More

Readers' Favorite Review

“Put Stress to Work: Turning Headaches into Advantages by J. Michael Godfrey is a that will help readers take control of stress and turn it into energy to change and improve their lives, a powerful guide to the art of proactively managing stress and eliminating its destructive effects in the lives of readers. In this book, readers gain a deeper understanding of stress and how it affects their lives. The author offers a simplified and clear anatomy of stress, unveiling when it often gets into one’s life, offering strategies to immediately take control, and showing how readers can transform stress into something that works for them.” Read More

Readers' Favorite Review

“Put Stress to Work: Turning Headaches into Advantages by J. Michael Godfrey is a helpful tool for all readers as it speaks about a relevant topic called stress. The author discusses the realities of stress, which is a part of our daily lives, and makes the distinction between good stress and bad stress, stress we can control, and stress we cannot. His techniques and advice help readers to manage their choices, beliefs, and perceptions so that they can handle stress in a healthy way. The author shares his years of experience to help readers understand the different types of stress and how to use this to their advantage.” Read More

Readers' Favorite Review
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