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Birkman Consulting

Do you ever feel like you’ve exhausted your own knowledge and approach to group productivity? At True Course, we understand the value of an educated, outside perspective.  That’s why we provide each client with in-depth recommendations and dynamic ideas designed for organizations facing interpersonal, procedural, and staffing challenges.

Our specialized consultants will get to know you and understand your personal needs and the needs of your organization and help you create recommendations that are dedicated to achieving your goals.

Unique Approach

The Birkman Method® measures and reports behavioral data differently from most other assessments. Most assessments work hard to eliminate social desirability (the tendency to strive for creating a good impression) from participant responses. The Birkman Method® uses a participant’s understanding of social desirability along with motivational desires, to measure and report the way that person interacts in everyday life situations where people actually do color their behavior according to their understanding of social desirability.

Descriptive And Prescriptive – The Birkman Method® offers both descriptive and prescriptive information for the individual. Many instruments provide effective descriptions of certain personal mo- tivations and behaviors. The Birkman Method®, unlike most other assessment approaches, describes desires, strengths, motivational needs and stress reactions for the individual and provides basic recommendations for developing skills when faced with varying environments and people. This helps individuals manage life and work situations in ways that fulfill their motivational needs, and govern frustration where stress can cause reactions that so often damage relationships and occupational effectiveness. All of this is provided in a single integrated assessment and reporting system.

  1. Contact True Course and let us know of your interest.
  2. We will send you a link to the questionnaire via email.  Your preferred email address and payment is needed at this time.
  3. You complete the questionnaire online taking about 30-35 minutes.
  4. We will contact you to arrange a 90-minute debrief via web conference to review your report.
  5. Following the debrief, you can contact us with questions about your results at no additional charge.

Birkman Custom Signature Report

Custom Signature Report Set Our most popular and most requested reporting option. The Birkman Signature is our advanced behavior report that delivers data-rich insights to drive successful organizational development and to help you grow professionally as well as provide a foundation for understanding self, the group, and for team building. Our high-level personality data will help you increase emotional intelligence, amplify growth, strengthen performance. This is a foundational report for understanding self, the group, and for team building.

Additional Reporting Options

Birkman CareerTyping Whether you’re a student facing your first career-related choices or a professional looking to make a change, we understand that the complexity of career decisions is daunting and can have far-reaching consequences. The careertyping report is designed to meet the needs of individuals facing career uncertainty that may not have the resources to commit to a career coach.
Birkman 360 Typically, the purpose of a 360° is to provide a manager with awareness of the strengths and growth opportunities of the individual’s soft skills, from multiple perspectives, to provide a course of action for development.
Birkman Mindset The Birkman Mindset report features new scales that are not included in other Birkman reporting. Unlike reports included in the Signature Suite which focus on Interests, Usual Behavior, Needs, and Stress Behavior, the Birkman Mindset report takes the analysis one step further to analyze behavioral patterns and attitudes towards oneself, others, and the world.
Birkman High Performing Teams Designed for a workshop format, Birkman High Performing Teams: Building the Foundation provides a complete framework with tools to drive awareness, action, and enhance how your teams work together.
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