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Michael is available for speaking engagements in your organization – large or small. These impactful topics have helped numerous organizations gain clarity and direction, improve morale, and boost productivity.

Below, see the titles already available. If you like, I will custom-design a 30-60 minute talk for your company, professional organization, or community organization around any of the categories. I also offer 1/2-day or full-day trainings around these topics.

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Speaking Topics

Do More That Matters

If you are ready to take charge of the way you use time and accomplish the things that are really important to you, learn more here. Many tips and resources, including insights from recent findings in brain science.

Managing Your Most Valuable Resource

If your group is ready to take action to be more productive, enjoy their work more, relate better, and achieve a better work/life balance this talk is for you. Focus is on tips for growth in self-awareness and self-management.

Staying Fired Up without Burning Out

Here’s some help to develop and practice a strategy for extreme self-care. This talk focuses on the nature of and contributors to burn-out, self-care tips, and the development of a self-care plan.

Making Conflict Work for You

Gain a perspective on conflict and how to manage it for productive ends. I’ll walk you through the principles in this presentation.

Leadership in Times of Complexity and Change

Leadership has never been easy and there are no quick easy answers. A few key principles characterize truly excellent leadership for our time. You can get them here.

Without Regret

You really can live without regret by planning and taking action on your plans. When difficult experiences bring feelings of regret, a change in perspective can fill the experience with potential and make it useful for creating a “more” experience  in life. This talk outlines how.

Your Life Portrait: Frame, Focus, Shoot

If you want to create the picture you really want, you must follow the steps – frame, focus, shoot. The same is true for getting the life you really want. This talk walks you through the process, step-by-step.

When People Make You Crazy: Helps for Realizing a Maximum Team Experience

Here’s a “behind the curtain” look at what is happening with co-worker, employee, and customer interactions (helpful or not) which can impact atmosphere, performance, productivity, and relationships in general. Receive helpful tips and resources for creating maximum team performance and a workplace environment which is enjoyable and provides a better service to your customers.


“Excitement!  Dr. Godfrey draws the participants in and trains effectively.”

“He has a unique ability to put himself in the shoes of the participants.  He meets you where you are. Dr. Godfrey is in the top 3 best educators I have ever had.  Excellent Instructor. ”

“Dr. Godfrey has a wonderful style of teaching/training with which you can tell he is comfortable.  I believe that he is a Master Teacher! ”

“Very engaging, very useful information. I don’t know how the volume of material could have been presented more clearly.”

“Outstanding!  Lucid, practical, experienced, knowledgeable, caring, and helpful.”

“Great techniques that I can apply.Thank you very much for your passion, vision, and commitment to bring out the best in us.”

“I can honestly say that this was one of the best planned and orchestrated courses I have taken…ever. The applicability of the material was incredible.”

“These presentations have been the most effective, helpful presentations I have ever been privileged to attend.”

“You have personally made my experience more valuable than all four years in undergraduate and have helped stimulate my thinking more than any professor (at least that I can remember).”

“Dr. Godfrey has great experience and depth of knowledge for the subject matter.”

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