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Regret can sap your energy, poison your future, rob you of relationships, and harm those you treasure.

Use the Without Regret Learning Suite to learn how to eliminate the weight of your past regret and stop it from weighing you down. Plus, you’ll learn how to avoid regret in the future.

Our learning suite is designed to give you powerful tools to grow that you can put to use right away.

Available Learning Suite Products

Without Regret

Paperback Book

Without Regret: Be More, See More, Achieve More that Really Matters can help get you back on your feet and headed down the path to success.

Leader Guide

Developed by the author. Best if each group participant is using the Learner Guide. PDF download.

Learner Guide

Developed by the author. Fully integrates with the Leader Guide. PDF download.

Jump-Start Video Series

3 video sessions (online access).
Recorded in live webinar sessions led by the author.

Quick Coach

Send your foundational work of FORMing to the author via email. He will review it and provide you with a 30-minute coaching session to support you as you refine your work and achieve even more clarity.

Group Leader Power Training

45 minutes of individual training time with the author to prepare you to facilitate your group for the most powerful results.

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