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Your life recently changed, and you feel shaken, empty, confused, and maybe a little lost. Transition Disorientation is real and common. Transform your thoughts and actions for the new season. Here’s how.

I’ve noticed a recurring issue in my personal life and the lives of my coaching clients, and it’s a fact of life–transition disorientation (change confusion).  It can come from naturally occurring experiences, choice, or force. It happens when you wrap…

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30 Days of Gratitude

Your time is too short to get discouraged about the things around you. Make the most of every moment with this exercise. We are still impacted by the stress of ongoing national and international political turmoil, high inflation, economic uncertainty,…

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When your back’s against the wall, finding the real problem requires sophisticated skills (even more than finding solutions). If you’re too close to the problem, you sacrifice the insight to identify it accurately and discover effective solutions. Here’s how to manage the distance for clearer perspectives and better results.

You solve problems every day, all day, right?  Problems are a part of the fabric of life.  Your skill in clearly identifying and solving them is directly related to your effectiveness and success. People engage me as their coach for…

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