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Hoping time for personal growth will magically appear in your crammed schedule?

It’s the most common reason I hear for not engaging in coaching or other personal or professional growth efforts – I don’t have time. Some seem to hope that the time needed will magically appear and they will know when it does. This is powerful evidence that a person could benefit from working with a coach.

Today, coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organization’s most critical talent.*

You can’t create more time and it won’t magically appear. If you want to be as successful as you can, to finish without regret, and have a sense of “well done” at the end then you’ll make it a priority. If so, you will find that

  • The topflight resources you need are unique and limited.
  • The isolation is real. Your role is increasingly extraordinary, and few can relate.
  • Support sources for your role are hard to come by. You are at the top of the chart, and no one is around you to provide the understanding and safe support you need.
  • It would help if you had another perspective, but no one in your organization can give it.

A coach can provide these things for you in a confidential, customized, non-judgmental environment.  If you are like most executives, you will want to get a coach and keep them for a while.

Executive Coaching with True Course

Coaching with True Course is not remedial, an effort to catch up, or an exercise in fixing a person.  It’s not primarily about correcting problems.

Our executive coaching supports you in your efforts to be more, see more, achieve more, and finish without regret.  Think Elite professional athletes.  They are at the top of the top, but they still use a coach or coaches for the same reasons top-notch executives use coaches.   Their resources are limited, they are in a class alone, and they need another perspective.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is essential for leading the pack and is used by the sharp to become even sharper.   Stephen Covey might have described it as “sharpening the saw” and keeping it sharp.   It’s about getting your tools in top condition before you use them, and that includes yourself.

Coaching can fill the gap in resources, support, and perspective that comes on the road to the success you want.  It can mitigate the effects of isolation at the top.

Is Coaching for You?

Coaching could be for you if you have an exceptional desire to learn and grow.   Without this, don’t consider coaching.

You’ll need the

  • Capacity to embrace the discomfort of growth. Personal and professional success requires it.
  • Courage to experiment and take risks. You are on untraveled roads and cannot rely on the old ways or a template someone else used for moving forward.
  • Humility to sharpen yourself as well as your leadership skill.
  • Discipline to accept responsibility for
    • Closing the gap between the way things are and the way they can be.
    • Your plans and actions, past, present, and future.
    • Forgiving yourself and others so you can be free to move forward to your goals.
  • Curiosity to look beyond the rational to emotional drivers behind your thoughts and actions.

When you decide

If you

  • Want the success and support for it described above,
  • Have what it takes to experience maximum benefit
  • Are willing and able to develop the qualities for coaching that will further your success,

Contact us to get started coaching with True Course.   We can explore this with you at no cost or obligation, and you can test drive the relationship to be sure the fit between you and the coach is good.

Does it make sense to delay the approach to your goals for one more day?  Coaching will help you get there faster and will accelerate what you are already doing.  Contact us to get started.


*David B. Peterson, Harvard Business Review.  Retrieved on February 15, 2021, from  Peterson is formerly Senior Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google and currently a senior vice president at Personnel Decisions International in Minneapolis and leads PDI’s executive coaching practice.

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