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“Michael Godfrey is an incredible coach. Time with him is not about psychotherapy. That is not what he is or does. It is about coaching, growing and learning and becoming. Yes, you will unpack what is going on in life, which is certainly important and something that needs to be happen, but more importantly you will discover more of who you truly are-how you are gifted, wired and the passions God has given you. You will learn how to take concrete steps towards the life God intends for you. I am thankful for the time I had with Michael. For me it was a half-time period of life where the ultimate question I was facing was : “How do I finish well and what does the second half of life look like?” Michael walked masterfully with me through this time and I am better because of that. I wholeheartedly commend Michael and his ministry to you. You will be blessed.”

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