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“My name is Rev. Daniel Dennison and I serve as the campus minister at the OU Wesley Foundation, the United Methodist Campus Ministry at the University of Oklahoma. I first became acquainted with True Course Ministries in the spring of 2016 when Dr. Godfrey came to lead a time of team building and learning with our student leadership team utilizing our Birkman assessments. I found this both personally beneficial, but also extremely beneficial to our ministry. I decided to do a personal consultation with Dr. Godfrey to further explore my Birkman results and this led to us having him lead a time of learning with our full time staff utilizing our Birkman reports. Our ministry, staff, and students have been very blessed by the learning we received from the Birkman assessments.

I’m grateful for your support of True Course Ministries. You and I will probably never meet, but your giving to this vital ministry is helping to change lives that change the world. As my life is changed through the coaching that happens because of your giving, students’ lives within our ministry are also changed, leading to an even greater ripple effect that begins with your financial gift. Thank you!”

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