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“Stress is like a vital sign that reminds us we are alive . . . if we have a pulse, it is a given that we are experiencing some type of stress. Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to believe that stress is exclusively unhealthy and counterproductive and case studies abound detailing the catastrophes experienced by those who managed it poorly. In “Put Stress to Work,” Dr. Michael Godfrey challenges what we “know” about stress and presents a powerful opportunity for us to redefine our relationship with it. With a nuanced understanding of the subject supported by the latest research and basic principles of neuroscience, he explores the foundations of stress and our (often emotional and destructive) responses to it and then defines strategies employed by those who successfully use stress to motivate, inspire and achieve. If applied, these practical, actionable steps can decimate the helplessness born of misunderstanding the character of stress. Thank you, Dr. Godfrey, for moving stress from the darkness into the light and skillfully dissecting it. The knowledge and empowering principals gleaned from “Put Stress to Work” are invaluable additions to my life skills tool box.”

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