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Is “good enough” good enough for you?

When speaking to customers, colleagues, or competitors, would you be happy to describe your business, products, services, or leadership as “good enough?” I doubt it. In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment, “good enough” won’t cut it.

I believe you want your business and your leadership to be:

  • Exceptional!
  • Outstanding!
  • Excellent!

Do these things describe your business and leadership, or is it only “good enough?” Click here to see a list of indicators that will help you decide. Any combination of a few of them will restrict your business and leadership to “good enough” (or worse).

What keeps you bogged down in “good enough?”

The whirlwind of your daily demands keeps you at “good enough.” The pressure is unrelenting from the time you get out of bed in the morning to the time you hit the pillow at night and usually comes from the urgent rather than the most important things that only you can do. Unless you are careful, this cyclone will:

Consume your capacity draining you of the time, energy, mental space, and focus you need to monitor the big picture and to cast vision, plan strategically, and lead beyond “good enough.” Guiding the move past “good enough” is a full-time leadership job that only you as a leader can do. When you use up your resources in the tornado of the day-to-day, you’ll wind up kicking the proverbial can of the bigger picture down the road, hoping things will get better on their own.

Cloud your ability to see. It’s hard to see what’s happening outside of your daily storm of demands, and sometimes what’s happening out there involves significant problems that can sneak up on you and hit you between the eyes. Blind spots are real. Sometimes you are so used to “good enough” that you can’t see you’re stuck there.

Limit your ability to change. The whirlwind traps you in a survival mode, which disables you from seeing the bigger picture, finding alternatives, and solving problems effectively. As you are trying to keep your head above water, clear and creative thought is lost. You are unable to hear, understand, and communicate clearly. The limitations of survival mode keep you bound tightly to your biases and beliefs (like life-preservers to a drowning person), which can blind you to “good enough” and keep you from excellence.

Pause today’s cyclone and keep reading.

Feeling Stretched Thin

When the winds are blowing, and the waves are high, you’ll feel stretched thin, holding on for dear life with no personal reserves for doing one more thing. There’s not enough of you to go around to all the business issues, family schedules, and everything else. You can feel helpless, empty, maybe ashamed, and you can begin to doubt yourself.

It just doesn’t make sense that you work so hard and still only attain “good enough.” There has to be something better.

I know what it’s like

I’ve had the same thoughts and feelings. I understand what it’s like to be trying to survive in the day-to-day hurricanes of demands. There’s an empty feeling that accompanies living in it and winding up with less than you hope for in achievement. Enlisting a supportive, guiding influence to stand with me has been a big help in getting me out of the urgency of the daily demands, that are less than essential, and assisting me in looking at big picture leadership activities that only I can do.

What can free you from “good enough?”

You could get free of “good enough” if you had the support that would free you from trying to survive in your daily windstorm and help you thrive. You need someone to help you find a solution that will make better use of the leadership capacity you have for moving your organization to excellence.

The coach/consultant can be the support that helps you get free of “good enough” and moving toward excellence. The coach/consultant can see things in your business and leadership to which you may be blind, something that opens the door wide to your daily whirlwind. They can ask hard questions you can’t and get an honest answer. They can assist with other things in your business that you can’t ask without creating a big storm of anxiety. They can make it easier to achieve efficiency and effectiveness that eludes those trapped living in a daily cyclone.

I’ve done this work a lot (see “Our Clients”) When I work with organizations, they embrace me as a guide to support them as the heroes in their own stories. I deliver what’s needed for them to make the difference they want.

Learning about how this works is as simple as picking up the phone (254.300.5443) or emailing ( to arrange a 30-minute complimentary consultation about the support you need for moving past “good enough.” If you know me, you know exactly what I mean when I say, “No obligation, no pressure, just support for you.” You’ll discover it’s the truth.

Together, we can design a plan that fits your situation like a glove. You’ll be able to conquer that daily storm, rise above “good enough,” and achieve the excellence you want. If you’re interested, I’ll also tell you about the no-risk feature of engagement with True Course as your resource for this.

If you are not ready to proceed, we’ll still support and encourage you in a variety of ways until you feel primed to go.

Contact me now

Is this the Message You Want to Send

If you don’t engage a coach or a management consultant for your business and leadership, you are shouting loudly and clearly, “It’s good enough.” Things are good enough as they are. And, because you are not already in motion toward excellence, you’ll tend to stay at “good enough.” The whirlwind will continue to affect your capacity, limit your ability to see clearly, and restrict your ability to change, keeping you “good enough.” Excellence will elude you. Your colleagues, employees, and the world at large get your message, and it discourages them. Is that what you want?

If you do engage a coach/consultant, you’ll be supported as they are challenging you to higher ground. This 3rd party influence will assist you in discovering clarity about your situation and will help you find your unique way to get free of mediocrity.

Click here to see a list of indicators that will help you decide.

The Effect on the Bottom-Line

I have first-hand awareness of businesses that decided they didn’t need an outsider to get “under their hood” or “up in their business.” The short time they did engage assistance, their commitment, which must come from the top and down, lagged. To date, they have documented the loss of millions of dollars and significant talent. The committed use of a coach or consultant could have saved them this loss. What’s worse is that they stand to lose even more.

Most leaders are not aware that they have fallen into a “good enough” mindset. You may not be either, so I’m giving you the diagnostic tool that will help you decide about your mindset and performance. After reviewing the list, if you are concerned and know things can’t continue the way they are, contact me now and arrange a 30-minute complimentary consultation about custom support for moving you past “good enough.” No obligation, no pressure, just support for you.

Click here to see a list of indicators that will help you decide.

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If you do this, you will begin the move toward the excellence you want in a surer, faster way. You’ll avoid losses of money, time, momentum, and talent. You’ll experience greater fulfillment personally. Your employees will be more energetic and motivated. You’ll be more, see more, and achieve more than ever.

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