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Holding on by your fingernails?

When stress is poorly managed, you can feel like you are holding on to life by your fingernails. Yes? And, poorly managed stress can lead to big problems in your life and relationships.

I know how this goes so I’ve been especially motivated to learn how to deal with it in my own experience. I’ve learned

  • How stress shows up for me.
  • How I set myself up for stress.
  • Some personal qualities that help me manage stress.
  • How I can make stress work for me instead of becoming its victim.

I’ve put all this together (and more) in my new book, Put Stress to Work: TurningHeadaches into Advantages, which will be released in print, audio, and kindle versions on October 18, 2017 through

Here are some insights and tips that I’ve discovered that might help you.

  • You create most of your stress and can eliminate that stress through better personal management. Plan only 80% of your day. Leave the other 20% for putting out fires. If you have no fires on that day, you have time to get ahead.
  • You can be a better manager of stress if you develop three healthy habits, gratitude, forgiveness, and service to others. Do you have these habits?
  • Practice relaxation using techniques of your choice so you can identify your optimum level of stress. Otherwise, you may continue to experience higher levels of stress and declare each higher level as a “new normal” for you. This can lead to red-lining with your stress level and burn-out. If you’d like to see where you are with stress, take the Burn-out assessment.
  • Stress has its source in a perception of threat. What “threat” drives you to higher levels of stress?

Get your copy of Put Stress to Work on October 18. Or, you can join me for a free one-session webinar on November 7 for an overview of the book. And, I’ll bring you new discoveries I’ve made since the book went to press.

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