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Coming Fall 2017

Are you tired of feeling stretched as thin as ink on paper and wound tight as a piano string? Ready to be done with the aching shoulders, the headaches, clinched jaw, and chronic acid reflux? Want to stop flying off the handle when those close to you get on that last nerve? Would you like to get back to sharp, clear-headed thinking and decision-making and away from that mental fuzziness that seems to be growing?

Uninvited stressors are a fact of life. Most people react to those stressors as victims, stressing over stress, panicking over panic, clawing and scraping in the face of the stress, and increasing their stress level as a result. Or, they may simply resign to a hopeless, helpless state, believing that life cannot be better than their stressed existence. How about you?

Instead of being a victim of stress, I want you to take charge and become a responsible manager of it and put it to work toward a desired positive outcome that you choose — your life purpose/mission.

Based on my personal experiences and those of my coaching clients, Put Stress to Work: Turning Headaches to Advantages offers insights, tips, strategies, and support to help you put stress to work.

I’ll keep you posted on the book release. It will be available on in paper, kindle, or audio. Don’t miss this opportunity to take charge and put stress to work.

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