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Have you seen this?

Your managers are great technicians and great people.  You want them to do an excellent job of management that creates a culture of engagement and success.  But, for some reason, those excellent technicians are falling short as managers.  What’s blocking the way?

Have you seen this?

An employee is exceptional in technical skills.  Their performance is beyond that of others on their level and some above their level in the organization.  They are loyal, dependable, and have a great attitude.

What happens next for this employee?

They receive a promotion to management because of their performance.

Another case.

An individual is currently a staff member serving at a local church.  They are excellent with public speaking and winsome with people.  They are dedicated, outgoing, and exemplary.

What happens for this minister?

They “move up” and become a pastor.

In both cases, the individual is promoted from a position that makes maximum use of their technical or job-specific skill to a position that requires acquaintance with the technical issues but predominantly requires an additional skill set – management, administration, and leadership.

Just because a person is technically proficient does not mean they can naturally manage other technicians well. These individuals may be excellent candidates for promotion, but they must develop needed skills for the new responsibilities.

Unfortunately, you assume that if they were good at one thing, they would be good at the new responsibilities as well.   However, training in soft skills is required if they are to be successful in the new position.  This skill set includes:

Provide the promotion as appropriate, but set the individual up for success by providing the training needed for management and leadership. Do this before the promotion and then consistently through on-the-job training. Make it a priority. If you do, you will produce managers who create a culture that fully engages and motivates employees for the success of your organization.

Our focus at. True Course is the kind of soft skill development through individual coaching, team coaching, and training. We can support you in achieving the success you want for those you promote and for your organization as a whole.

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