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Discover Your True Course Podcast

If you’ve been following and watching me on social media you may have noticed the videos I’ve posted with content to support you, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

Beginning the week of April 6, I’ll begin the release of weekly podcast episodes of 10 minutes or less. It’s a different approach that may be more helpful and convenient for you able to listen while doing other things rather than having to watch and listen. However, I will support the podcast with video heads up in social media every 3-4 weeks telling you what’s coming up.

I intend to deliver information in a concise form that will help you immediately rather than producing a radio show.

The Focus


What will be on the podcast?

There are already 30+ podcast episodes on the channel. I currently have well over 100 possible topics, most of which will involve multiple installments, so there is plenty of material to support and encourage you.

Click here for a full list of upcoming topics.


How do I subscribe to the Discover Your True Course Podcast?

  1. Go to the Apple Podcast app on your iPhone or other Apple device.
  2. Search for Discover Your True Course and the podcast listing will pop up.
  3. Subscribe to the podcast at no cost to you by clicking the “Subscribe” button.
  4. You can set the app to notify you when a new post is available.
  5. Also, please rate the podcast.

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