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Avoid a Real Tragedy – Seven Tips and an Offer

It will be a real tragedy if you fail to learn the lessons that come in leading your business through the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. Though the immediate situation seems uncertain and overwhelming, it can have long-term positive implications for your business.

You can use your leadership and organizational discoveries to your advantage for the future agility, resilience, and growth of your business.

I try to use difficulty as an opportunity. Perhaps this crisis will push you to take action that was needed some time ago and seemed too hard to execute. Remember that leadership growth comes through “high-heat” situations. You decide whether challenging situations work for you or against you.

Seven Tips for Leading in the present crisis:

  • Plan regular focus breaks for yourself.
    • Close your office door for 10 minutes.
    • Take three slow deep belly breaths.
    • Open your hands, relax them, and imagine they are very heavy.
    • For this brief time, allow thoughts to come and go without giving them attention.
  • Be sure you have the necessary knowledge and skills for leadership in crises.
    • Know how the brain works in a crisis.
    • Be skilled in managing fear and rapid change. Primal self-preservation operations of the brain are powerfully working at every relationship level.
    • Keep your people skills sharp and active as tension is high.
  • Behave as a calm, rational presence and help others do the same. People need this most now.
  • Collaborate unselfishly with others to achieve the best results.
  • Serve people without restraint.
  • Over-communicate at least 70 times more than you think needed.
  • Laugh a lot.

At no cost to you, I am available and eager to support and help you in any way I can, especially in applying the Seven Tips above.

If you need an extra head, hand, or heart, please contact me at any of the contact points below or click here.

In case you missed it, this article could be beneficial to you.

Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis by Martin Reeves, Nikolaus Lang and Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak – February 27, 2020

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