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Crucial Arguments You Need for Answering Your Most Important Questions

Has anyone ever told you, “Don’t you argue with me”? You may hear the voice of a parent, teacher, or boss in your memory right now.

Argument. When you hear that word, what is your first emotion? What is your first thought?

Arguments have a bad reputation because we have forgotten or never learned how to have a good one. And we avoid arguing issues because it exacts a high price cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Instead of arguing well and as needed, we use mental shortcuts (cognitive biases) to manage the conflict between various aspects of an argument.

Though they are needed and helpful in some cases, mental shortcuts have flawed reasoning and error at their core. As a result, they produce subjective, flawed, irrational, and error-filled thinking, decisions, and solutions to problems.

You may think, “No, not me!” But you and every other human being use these shortcuts daily. They are so ingrained in our ways of thinking that we are unaware we are using them. A person’s denial of using “shortcuts” is an indicator that they use them (more on this at another time).

The most crucial argument you must have is with your thoughts.

Download How to Succeed in Answering Your Most Important Questions. A how-to guide for arguing with your thoughts.

You’ll need a sounding board for processing your arguments with yourself. We all do. Your sounding board will need to be non-judgmental, without agenda, and not trying to fix you.

True Course coaching is your resource for developing critical, reasonable thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills with the highest critical thought standards.

Watch for how you use shortcuts!

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