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CAUTION: Constant haphazard exposure to information can quickly flood the days and weeks of your life with deepening misery and confusion

How has it been for you?

In the last 12 months, which of these has increased for you? (note all that apply)

  • Unmotivated, uninterested
  • On edge, easily frustrated
  • Abrupt in my responses, short
  • Brain fog thicker, trouble concentrating
  • Muscle tension/pain
  • Not sleeping well
  • Shutting my thoughts down is harder
  • Difficulty staying focused
  • Get stuck on negative, fearful thoughts
  • Feeling trapped or stuck
  • Something else _________ ?

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Why the increase?

There is a lot of scary bad news about issues that threaten safety and security – ongoing COVID issues, the war in Ukraine, incivility in government, social unrest, violence on awards programs. In addition, there are negative and often hateful sentiments conveyed via news channels and social media.

This kind of thing stimulates your survival instincts and raises your stress level. Ongoing haphazard exposure to such can put you in continual survival mode – a state of chronic stress of being overly vigilant or protective (fight, flight, freeze states). You may experience a type of floating anxiety but are unaware of its source. You can expect an increase in the issues above.

How has this affected your productivity and effectiveness?

  • More mistakes
  • Poorer communication
  • Increased conflict
  • More sick days taken
  • Reduced product quantity
  • Reduced product quality
  • Harder to get going
  • Harder to finish a task
  • Low energy for the task
  • Something else ______?

I want to tell our subscribers about some things that are working to help people manage these challenges.

What has helped you most to cope with the situation?

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A Tip or Two

Control your exposure to negative, threatening, bad news and influences. Increase your exposure to and focus on what is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, and praiseworthy. Don’t focus on tomorrow; today has enough challenges to keep you busy.

True Course uses coaching processes and strategies that can help you refocus your thinking, manage your stress, and increase your productivity and effectiveness.

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