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A Personal Look at Coaching

My valuable experience with my coach and why you’ll be amazed and amused that you haven’t tapped into the remarkable process and results of True Course coaching yet.

I am interested that people see me as “someone who knows” about some important things – a content expert – and who can communicate what I do know well.

However, I do my best work as a process expert. I use this expertise in coaching people to make the most of their abilities to think, learn, discover, solve problems, and create. When I coach, I partner with the client to assist with the change they want, solve a current problem, or prepare for the future.

I have a coach who serves me in this way because no one can fully exploit these processes alone. My coach also provides “supervision” to help me improve my coaching practice for my clients.

Though I’ve not always done so, I’ve come to value the coaching process because of the powerful way it serves me to cut through to the essence of what is valuable to me. A clear focus on the most valuable sometimes gets lost in the craziness of life.

I admit I am biased, but I think every adult would benefit from a coaching influence (not family or friends) in their life.  Why?

You may think, “I’ve not needed coaching so far. Why would I need it now?”

Maybe that’s because coaching was not available to you. The discipline only germinated in the mid-1980s and began its ascendancy in the 1990s.  Now it’s a worldwide resource used by most major business concerns.

Maybe you’ve not engaged in coaching because you are not fully aware of these three things:

  1. At no time in history have people been overwhelmed with so much information in such short time windows.
  2. We don’t have the attention span or the processing space to handle everything that comes to mind, so some information gets lost (a lot, actually) and thus our ability to use it. A coach will hold on to it for you and bring it back as needed. A coach is like extra memory or an extra pair of hands, eyes, and ears.
  3. Our Stories. We all have stories that frame our lives. Until we form them in words and say them aloud, we can’t work with the undercurrents of stories that unconsciously guide us, influence us, and prevent progress.

If you want to sort things out and get serious about changing something, personally or professionally, you will need all the issues in view. Coaches can support you with a process of thinking and learning about the issues and goals that are important to you.

At True Course, we always start with a chat about your needs and interests and a “check it out” coaching session.  Every interaction is non-judgmental, safe, confidential, and complimentary. You can decide from there how you might like to proceed with coaching.

Coaching helps with issues like:

The most meaningful goals you can imagine –  confidently find, set, and achieve them.

Changes you want or need but have been unable to make alone.

Relationships – Elevate the quality of your relationships and advance your ability to influence (lead) others.

Setting Direction – Clarify values, mission, and vision for your life or career; find what seems to be missing in your life; achieve your next big thing.

Decisionmaking – Make wise and courageous decisions, especially when difficult.

Conflict – Manage, use, and reduce it at home and work.

Focus and Finish  – Complete tough projects; manage priorities; organize and focus actions; improve productivity and efficiency practices (e.g., delegation; dealing with procrastination, over-thinking).

Margin and Balance – Effectively manage stress; handle overwhelm; create margin; create healthy boundaries; simplify life; improve self-care.

Barriers and Blocks – Identify and overcome issues holding you back from action.

Communication – Boost effectiveness, and increase confidence in communication.

Creativity and Dreaming – Expand your thinking beyond what you were conditioned to conceive.

Managing the Change You Didn’t Want. Transitions.

Problem-solving – strengthen critical thinking ability, creativity, and ability to solve problems decisively.

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