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“Henry Ford defined failure as “the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” Chances are, if you’re scanning this book, you’ve already tried and failed to manage the stressors in your life… and you’re looking for ways to begin again more intelligently. Here’s a great place to begin that journey. Dr. Michael Godfrey’s “Put Stress to Work” is filled with sound and proven methods to better manage tension, stress and anxiety, and in the process, to ensure that one’s life is filled with more vitality, deep satisfaction, and joy. Dr. Godfrey is precise and practical in his suggestions and recommendations. Woven throughout these recommendations is the overarching view that, if we are to live our lives well and with a sense of completeness, we must align our small and big choices with the plumb line of our highest priorities and values. In this vein Dr. Godfrey skillfully walks us through this challenging journey so that, in the end, we can experience more of what truly matters.”

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