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“It’s never too late to do away with regret and be uniquely you. In Without Regret, J. Michael Godfrey offers his readers the tools they need to live a life without regrets and become the persons they were uniquely created to be. Integrating his years of training, education, coaching, and local church ministry, Godfrey provides helpful and practical steps to be more, see more, and achieve more that really matters. He reminds us that regret focuses our attention on the past, but with hard work and great courage we can live purposefully in the present and transform our future. With keen insight Godfrey guides his reader to form a life plan based upon who they are and to live out that plan with courage, integrity, and grace. Without Regret is a timely message for those who struggle with the demands of faith, family, and work. You won’t regret the journey that awaits.”

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