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Supporting Your Journey to Greater Success

The breadth and depth of our offerings to organizations and individuals is always growing. We want to introduce you to opportunities for individuals and business we are now offering.   To explore these more and how they can impact you or your business, contact us for more information.


Engage and Mobilize Employees

Lost productivity, employee turnover, and a cost of billions are a few of the results when employees don’t engage. A significant percentage of disengaged employees will sabotage your business. Excellent management can improve engagement dramatically. We assist with management coaching and training which includes the development of a plan to increase employee engagement level on an individual basis each according to their distinctive styles, aspirations, and motivations. Our work also includes coaching at the top of the organization to understand what’s working and what’s not working for engagement, setting a vision for engagement, and implementing actions to enhance engagement efforts and culture.


Creating Conversations that Influence

We help you amplify your influence, in a specific instance or in general, through a well-defined, yet flexible process. You will find confidence as you clarify your goals, plan a customized approach to the situation, prepare for objections, and rehearse to be sure you are ready to succeed for high stakes conversations.


Building Your Powerbase

We help you improve your network through initial assessment, skill development with three powerful approaches for networking, then assess your network and develop a plan to improve key relationships in your network systematically.

We also can use an enhanced approach where we help you envision the future for your career and determine what your powerbase would look like when you have achieved the vision. Then we work backward to help you chart the development of that network powerbase.

Also, we coach you to proactively get more introductions by having more conversations with people in your existing network and by becoming more visible in a way that fits your natural interests and style.


Overcoming Overwhelm

You don’t have enough time to do everything you want or need to do, and you feel overwhelmed. And, the demands keep coming. We can coach you to clarify your priorities, evaluate your use of time, help you design an ideal schedule, and coach you to achieve that ideal.


Strategic Planning

A consultant is often used for strategic planning. The consultant may swoop in (possibly with no management or industry experience), lead a process, then disappear, and the organization must implement the consultant recommendations, many of which turn out to be a house of cards.

We have found that coaching is a more effective and efficient approach to strategic planning. The coaching process respects and utilizes the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of the organization’s employees. It relies on leadership to get the planning conversation going and make difficult choices that lead to a plan for success. The coach can ask tough questions, keep people on task, serve as a sounding board, speak up when leadership wavers, and assist with implementation support.


Team Coaching

Built on the foundation of the Birkman method, we help team members understand each other and work together by utilizing and enhancing the strengths of one another.   We coach the team to give each other positive advice to get better and keep improving. We do this while considering where team members are in their developmental cycles for their lives and careers. The team will be coached to have open and honest discussions, stay accountable, create clear roles, and overcome obstacles to achieve the finest outcomes.

Your team has a powerful collaborative experience by establishing clear goals, managing personality conflicts, creating realistic timelines and budgets, communicating thoroughly and clearly, and by closing the talent gaps for success.

This approach works very well with either ad-hoc or established teams.


High-Performance Culture

The culture idea is bounced around these days more than ever and few understand what it is and how to achieve a healthy, productive one. We can help you clearly understand what culture is and help leaders evaluate current culture and create the culture wanted, and most of all carry out your role in culture development, driving it deep, and sustaining it.




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