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Resources for Parents and Professionals 

Fitzgerald, Helen (1992). The Grieving Child:  A Parent’s Guide. Fireside Publishers.

Huntley, Theresa M. (2002).  Helping Children Grieve:  When Someone They Love Dies. (Rev. ed)  Augsburg Fortress Publishers.

Reeves, Rhonda (2004).  Tackling Tough Issues.  New Hope Publishers.

Vogel, Linda Jane (1975). Helping a Child understand Death.  Augsburg Fortress Publishers.

Jackson, Edgar N. (1965).  Telling a Child About Death.  Hawthorn Books Publishers.

Reed, E. L. (1970).  Helping Children with the Mystery of Death. Abingdon Press.

LeShan, Eda J. (1988).  Learning to Say Good-Bye.  Avon Books.

Rudolph, Marguerita (1987).  Should the Children Know? Encounter with Death in the Lives of Children. Schocken Publishers.

Cranor, Phoebe (1976).  Why Did God Let Grandpa Die? Dimension Books.

Crase, Dixie Ruth (1990).  How to Answer Big Questions from Little Children.  New Hope Publishers.

Sharapan, Hedda Bluestone (1979).  Talking with Young Children About Death.  Family Communcations.

Wolfelt, Alan D. (1991).  A Child’s View of Grief.  Companion Press.

Wright, H. Norman (2004). Experiencing Grief.  Broadman & Holman Publishers.


Resources for Children

Head, Barry (2001). So Much to Think About When Someone You Care About Has Died.  Family Communications, Inc.

Shriver, Maria (2007).  What’s Heaven?  Golden Books Adult Publishing

Sanford, Doris (1985) It Must Hurt a Lot: A Child’s Book about Death. Multnomah Publishers.

Sanford, Doris (1991).   Love letters: Responding to Children in Pain. Multnomah Publishers.

Mumford, Amy Ross (1983).  Love Away My Hurt.  Accent Publishers.

Barker, Peggy (1982).  What Happened When Grandma Died? Concordia Publishing House

Hogan, Bernice (1983). My Grandmother Died, but I Won’t Forget Her. Adbingdon Publishers.

Hazen, Barbara Shook (1985). Why Did Grandpa Die? Golden Books.

Sesame Street (1984). I’ll Miss You, Mr. Hooper. Random House Publishers.

Tangvald, Christine Harder. (1988) Someone I Love Died. Chariot Family Publishing.

Miles, Miska (1985). Annie and the Old One. Little Brown Books for Young Readers.

Alex, Marlee and Ben (2013). Grandpa & Me: We Learn About Death. Scandinavia Publishing House.

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