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Do This Now for the Best Year Ever

Here are some game changing tips you can use individually, as a family, or as a work team.

Don’t Waste Your Experiences. Use them.

We’ve reached what so many have longed for – the end of 2020.  From what I hear, most want to put it behind and forget it like a bad dream.

But, the year held many new experiences.  What will you do with those?  I’d encourage you to make a quick list of the most unusual and challenging experiences.  Think back all the way to January.  Use your calendar to help you remember.  Pick a couple of experiences from your list and ask a couple of questions about each of them.

  • How did I use this to grow and make things better?
  • How can I learn and grow from this now?
  • What action is needed? (Describe this in terms of action, when you will act, and what you hope the outcome of your action will be.)

To make this even more effective, establish a support team of 2-3 trusted individuals.  Talk with them and your coach about your answers.

Pay attention if you want it to grow.

If you want an aspect of your life to grow, get better, or become more effective, give it your attention and energy.  Those parts of your life that don’t get your attention and energy will naturally deteriorate into ineffectiveness and chaos.

It’s especially important to pay attention to your life’s big picture, the foundations on which you base your living.   If you don’t do this and only “go with the flow” in your life,  your activities, relationships, and projects will naturally deteriorate into disorder and chaos.  Your life will become a problem-rich, unfulfilling experience.  But, if you pay attention, intentionally organize, focus your energy, and build on your values, you will be more productive, effective, fulfilled, and can finish without regret.

What are those most important things that will get your attention and energy? What will make your list?  If it doesn’t make your list, feel free to ignore it.

Detailed steps for focusing on growth in 2021:

  1. Get clear about your values, sense of calling, and personal purpose.
  2. Establish and use a clear, written personal mission statement based on your values, sense of calling, and personal purpose.
  3. Envision how your experience will look, taste, smell, sound, and feel at the end of 2021. Experience it in-the-moment as if it is already achieved.  Create a visual and keep it in front of you to help you stay focused on the vision.
  4. Set your priorities and boundaries to focus on the vision and stay ruthlessly true to them.
  5. Set clear goals with deadlines. Setting goals does some “brain magic” that makes the achievement more likely.
  6. Be realistic. Do a few things well.
  7. Create a support team as mentioned earlier and a coach to assist you in achieving the vision.
  8. Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention to the vision. Keep it in view.
  9. When you sense your focus and energy shrinking, stop and reflect on what may have led to this. Reflect with your support team. Learn from the experience and refocus by walking back through the previous steps.

For more on planning and detailed action for the best year ever, see:

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What will you do in 2021 to experience more fulfillment and effectiveness, less disorder, less chaos, and fewer problems?

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