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Deepening, unwavering engagement with your organization and its work every day.

If you want this kind of exceptional commitment and energy contribution, management must create and maintain an environment that cares for people and their development more than the bottom line.

In its 2023 State of the Global Workplace reporting, Gallup estimates that low employee engagement costs the global economy $8.8 trillion (9% of the global GDP).  How much has it cost your company?

Further, they report that of employees in the United States, 31% are engaged (thriving at work), 52% are not engaged (quietly quitting), and 17% are actively disengaged (loudly quitting).

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If you want improved engagement and more thriving, actively engaged employees, creating a culture prioritizing employee growth and well-being may be the answer. This culture is dependent on excellent managers who embrace these priorities.

You can check your management effectiveness with the following,

A masterful manager will:[1]

  • Commit to knowing, building, and utilizing each employee’s strengths to help them do their best every day.
  • Create an environment that motivates employees to do outstanding work.
  • Create an environment of authentic care for the overall well-being of employees (at work and beyond).
  • Create an environment of trust, communication, and collaboration in their division.
  • Help employees connect to the organization’s culture by connecting employee goals and dreams to the organization’s purpose and goals.

A masterful manager will not fail to:[2]

  • Provide adequate materials and equipment for workers to complete assignments.
  • Provide a psychologically safe environment for employees to voice opinions and admit mistakes.
  • Hear and value employee opinions and utilize them whenever possible.
  • Properly care for and prioritize customers.
  • Know what employees do best from their natural strengths.

A Solution that Works

There are no silver bullets or magic to create a consistently thriving, actively engaged employee culture. But, there are simple and powerful leadership practices that can.  These actions cost nothing to implement, can produce immediate improvements in employee engagement, and won’t require invasive organizational development strategies or restructurings.

I can introduce you to this approach through a brief seminar, and then we can discuss where you would like to go from there.  Typically, this is a 6-8-month full-bodied, rigorous approach and requires strong commitment at the top of the organization.  We’ll customize it for your particular needs.

What You Will Learn

One essential step you can take is training your managers to transition from being a boss and becoming a coach for their employees.  This requires training and practice, which I can provide.

As a part of the solution, you’ll learn the following:

  • Seven simple questions you must answer and frequently communicate the answers to your employees.
  • What types of communication are most important to engage and motivate?
  • Why doesn’t one size fit all for engaging employees?
  • What skills are needed to clearly, regularly, and informally set expectations and communicate about performance?

And you’ll receive tips about how to:

  • Assess your current engagement culture, structures, and improvement practices.
  • Identify and answer key questions that every owner or executive must answer.
  • Develop a customized agenda for improved employee engagement.

True Course can help you improve management skills resulting in more thriving, engaged employees.  Contact us today to arrange for an introduction to How to Engage and Mobilize Your Employees.

[1] Witters, D. & Agrawal, S (December 16, 2022).  The Best Management Secrets for Impacting Employee Mental Health.  Gallup Workplace.  Retrieved from on January 24, 2023.

[2] Witters & Agrawal.

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