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“AHA!” Moments from Put Stress to Work

I love it when people experience “aha!” moments through my coaching and presentations. When the lightbulbs of insight and awareness come on, people are helped and it’s a joy-filled moment for me (and them).

Since the release of Put Stress to Work, I’ve developed presentations which highlight essential ideas in the book.

In recent presentations of the material, once for a local business and once for a chamber of commerce meeting, there were many “aha!” moments for the participants.
I thought you might like to hear from some of them:
About Beliefs and Expectations and the stress they create:
“I construct my own belief system which includes my beliefs and expectations about the way the world works. My beliefs may be flawed and may not serve me well. I need to determine which are helpful and which are not.”
About being the boss and not a victim as related to stress:
“I can be in charge of my stress. I can be the boss when it comes to allowing stressful situations to develop, my view of stress, and how I let stress affect me.”
About turning stress to advantages:
“Transforming stress to advantages is a new concept to me. I can turn stress into a positive experience by taking steps to become an exceptional manager of stress.”
About creating your own stress:
“90% of my stress is brought on by me – my beliefs/expectations and my actions (or lack thereof).”


If your organization or business would enjoy a presentation like this, contact me today and let’s explore the possibilities.
If you read the “aha!” ideas above and they seem like potential growth points for you, let’s talk about how coaching can help you Put Stress to Work.
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