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A Real-Life Story

At True Course, we serve a unique group of business owners and professionals who want to thrive in their relationship to self, others, and their work. Yes, thrive, not just survive. We help them manage the increasing demands on their time, attention, energy, and to achieve laser-focus of thought and action on what is really important to them so they can finish every life-episode without regret.

Martin was one of these professionals. You may recognize him.

Say Hello to Martin

Martin is talented, educated, and well-liked.   He has a wife and one child in elementary school and two in middle school.  He owns a business that he started from scratch. The business has had its ups and downs but has experienced consistent growth over the last three years and shows no signs of slowing.  Because of his growing business Martin is seen as successful which has led to every community organization you can imagine drafting him for service, and Martin has trouble saying “no.”

Martin Had a Problem

When he came to us, Martin acknowledged that he was just surviving.  He was barely getting by.

His business, his family, and his involvement in the community consistently created overwhelming waves of increasing demands on Martin’s time, attention, and energy.  He was not sleeping well at night.  His relationships at work were not as close as they once were, and some seem to have “gone south.”  He missed more family events than he or the family wanted.  As the CEO of his business, he had no time to think and plan which had resulted in at least one business opportunity lost that year.  Recently, Martin went to the Emergency Department at a local hospital for chest pain which he feared was a heart attack.  It was an attack – a panic attack.  Such instances are not uncommon among professionals like Martin.

Martin’s Downward Spiral

When turning down a golf game with his brother, frustrated, Martin said, “It seems like everyone and everything is controlling my schedule except me.  I’m too busy and too tired to do much about it and even if I could I don’t know where I could get the safe, trustworthy guidance and support I need. I guess I’m on my own.”

Martin’s inner conversations were darker.  “I feel so overwhelmed and stuck.  In all of the busy-ness, I’m afraid I might miss something that’s really important.  I’m not sure what to do and I am afraid to let anyone know.  They might judge me or think bad of me.”

In his more frustrated moments, Martin thought, “It’s just wrong that I don’t have the time I need for what I want to do.  Don’t people have a natural ability to succeed in relationships and getting things done?  If so, I must have been out of the room when they were handed out.  Why should I have to work at it so hard?”

Martin was in a downward spiral with no resource to help him get his feet on the ground again.  No one should have to be without a caring, trustworthy guide for navigating life.  People need someone who will accept them where they are, support them confidentially and help them move forward to a place that’s more comfortable and desirable.

A friend referred Martin to True Course.  Contact Us now to make your referral.

Here’s what happened.

Martin Found What He Wanted and Needed

Those of us at True Course wanted Martin to know that he was not alone.  Some of us have had a very similar life experience.  We wanted to encourage and support him.  No one should be without a caring, trustworthy source of encouragement and support.

Martin learned that not only have we been there, but many of our clients have had a similar experience.  He was not alone.  We have worked successfully with these clients to help them achieve what they wanted – to thrive in their relationship to self, others, and their work so they can finish every life-episode without regret.  They all want to Be More, See More, and Achieve More.  These are our clients.  It’s a unique group of exceptional people. We have provided thousands of valuable coaching hours, unnumbered pieces of training, and extensive resources that have made our clients not only more successful in their business, but in the whole of life.

Here’s How it Worked

We explained the following process to him and subsequently implemented it.

Schedule an Initial Consultation – We worked with Martin to schedule an appointment to meet with him and discuss his needs, his wants, and his dreams.

Initial Consultation – We provided the software for the conference and visited about 60 minutes with Martin.  The flood gates of discouragement and frustration opened.  This meeting cost Martin nothing.  He had no obligation past this meeting.

Take an assessment – We recommended that Martin experience the Birkman method which involves 30 minutes of responding to a questionnaire online.  Martin then received a report from us and 90-minutes of debriefing about his report.  The debriefing was eye-opening for Martin.  Also, the data he provided gave us ways we could better understand and support what motivates him, the strengths he brings to any setting, and help him manage the sources of some of his stress.  Right away he got a handle on at least three things that he could do to honor his personality and style and lower his stress level.

Together we created a customized plan – A few weeks had past and we had gotten to know Martin better and he got to know and trust us.  He worked with us to create a customized coaching plan to support him in getting control of his life rather than letting “everyone and everything” control it.  Martin planned to meet with a coach for 45 minutes twice monthly for the next six months.  With his already overwhelming schedule, he made the choice to start by taking control of this much.  He mentioned that it was a little scary for him.

See more details about this process at

We offered Martin our Client Assurance Agreement.

  • We only continue if you believe you are achieving the progress you want.
  • When we stop working, you stop paying.
  • You will never be judged or made wrong.
  • The agenda is always in your control.
  • Every aspect of your experience is confidential.

If this makes sense to you, contact us now and let’s visit.  No fee or obligation.

What Happened with Martin

So, what was the outcome of Martin’s experience?   He:

  • Gained clear positive direction for his life which he wrote out and is now framed and posted on the wall of his office for him and all to see.
  • Trained himself to say “no” to all things that do not fit his mission and priorities.
  • Recovered his relationships at work to a higher level than they were previously.
  • Developed a new level of mastery in relationships and doesn’t spend as much time managing conflict.
  • Is experiencing less anxiety and worry.
  • Is sleeping much better.
  • Is leading out of the credibility of his relationships at work rather than his position.
  • Has more time to do what he cares about and values.
  • Learning from past regrets and avoiding many more.

If these outcomes are attractive to you, let’s talk about how you can have them.  Click here. Let’s Get Started.

Martin didn’t know where to turn at first and could have stayed on his overwhelmed and stuck path, but he didn’t.  If he had, he would likely have spiraled into a deeper state of burn-out, poor productivity, damaged relationships, a feeling of emptiness, and ending the experience with a lot of regret.

The Transformation

But thank goodness, as a result of the support and encouragement he received in his True Course experience, Martin went from a fear that he was missing something important to a sense of clarity and confidence about what was really important to him.  Instead of letting “everyone and everything” control his schedule, he became laser-focused on what he believed was important and controlled his priorities from there.  He went from “eye rolls” by his co-workers because of his scattered, sometimes confused approach to experiencing respect from others for his clarity, discipline, and resolve.  His life is not perfect by any means, but it’s a lot more pleasant, peaceful, productive, and fulfilling. His family is really happy to have him around more.  See more benefits at

If you want to transform your way of being and doing, let us support you in achieving the life without regret you want.  Contact us and Let’s Get Started

If you identify with Martin’s experience, you, too, can get the support and encouragement you want by engaging with True Course.  When you do, you can be more, see more, and achieve more in your life, relationships, and career.

Contact us today to get started.

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