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Living, Learning, Leading

With all of the daily emotional, mental, financial, and immediate demands that are part of everyday life, it's easy to lose sight of your own goals, dreams, and the ability to look at life from a big-picture perspective. Busy, schedules, long to-do lists, growing career responsibilities, and various life changes often make us feel like we're just treading water, rather than moving in a positive, challenging, and growing direction. Furthermore, our various situations frequently require significant leadership that we sometimes feel inadequate--and too exhausted--to impart.

The professionals at True Course recognize that continuous learning and intentional leadership contribute to comprehensive growth and fulfillment, enabling individuals to reach their highest potential personally, professionally, and relationally. True Course understands that living, learning, and leading can be profoundly enhanced with dynamic, one-on-one interactive guidance.

Be more, see more, achieve more -- Our Process

Through our True Course Personal Development Coaching, we help busy people just like you “push the pause button” to identify the people, pursuits, and possessions that are most important to them. We support them throughout their True Course journey in building and strengthening a foundation that will guide them in everyday life decisions, create more room for personal and professional growth, and form new life paths without regret. This is self-improvement at its best.

In the process, we inspire our clients into action and motion, past the wishing and hoping and the piles of self-help books, in order for them to deal more effectively with the whirlwind of daily life challenges – relationships, schedule, financial pressures, job pressures, stress, and more.

Leadership Development
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Achieving More

The close, supportive relationship with an experienced True Course professional can help you navigate the potholes of life and leadership, and stay focused on your goals by establishing exceptional personal habits in relationships, character, and leadership. From social, emotional, and spiritual needs to relational and mental boundaries, a True Course mentor's proactive approach engages you to anticipate life's many challenges before they happen.

Through the design and implementation of a customized mentoring and/or coaching experience, True Course can help you discover a greater depth of purpose and apply techniques to positively influence others around you. Your flexible program can feature ways to help you gain the following:

  • Increased focus and balance
  • Goal-oriented achievement
  • Self-awareness
  • Social perception clarity
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Positive reflection and evaluation
  • Self-management and personal disciplines
  • Social skills



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