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“Without Regret: Be More, See More, Achieve More That Really Matters by J. Michael Godfrey is a book on managing and overcoming the common feeling of regret that most people feel at least some time in their lives. Without Regret is structured into a few parts so that each part deals with understanding the true meaning of regret, defining and understanding yourself to know what you want and what you are, then taking appropriate action as necessary to avoid and minimize the feelings of regret and lost opportunities, and lastly, how to live graciously with regret and a change of perspective on this feeling. Each of these broad categories contains several chapters, each dealing with a unique facet of this universal issue of regret. There is also a list of references at the end, as well as notes and brief questionnaires throughout the book that are meant to help the reader on this journey.” Read More

“Without Regret: Be More, See More, Achieve More That Really Matters by J. Michael Godfrey is an excellent book that takes the reader from a state of hopelessness to action. From the first page, I felt a transformation taking place. Immediately empowering its readers, this book then shows novel techniques that can help keep the reader on their path to a regret-free life. This book explains what causes regret and how to avoid it by planning and following their plan. I loved how the author’s voice is both encouraging and comforting; like a life coach standing beside you, guiding you to make better decisions. I believe it is the perfect book to read and apply for the New Year. I recommend this book for those that feel as if they are stuck, stagnating, or wish to live a healthier, happier life.” Read More

“Without Regret: Be More, See More, Achieve More That Really Matters by J. Michael Godfrey, DMin, PhD, PCC is a realistic approach to one of the problems that stand in the way of the pursuit of happiness and a fulfilling life in people — regret. I felt connected with the message from the very start of this book and many readers will definitely feel the same. “You’ve worked hard and have some achievements under your belt, yet you feel a quiet sadness or disappointment over lost opportunities, superficial relationships, missed moments with friends and family, or things you’ve said or done.” We can so easily get stuck in regret that we fail to identify and explore the opportunities that life offers us. But it shouldn’t be so. In this compelling work, the author offers powerful insights, teaching stories, and a step-by-step guide on how to beat regret and reconnect with what we really want.” Read More

“Without Regret: Be More, See More, Achieve More That Really Matters by J. Michael Godfrey is a groundbreaking book that offers readers the tools required to break free from the grip of regret. Each of us has missed opportunities and there are things we wish we had never done. But even though we leave these things behind and move on, they can haunt us and make life miserable as we dwell on them, stuck with the “what ifs,” the “what might have beens,” wasting energy on what we don’t have control over anymore. This book is a message of hope to readers, a message that they can set themselves free and pursue their dreams, and create the life they really want.” Read More

“Michael Godfrey has given us a straightforward guide for improving our lives. Whatever your life stage, it is never too late to break the “regret” cycle. This accessible and practical guide gives you the tools you need to start this process. Useful for youth groups, college classes, church small groups, and individuals, Godfrey sets us on a path toward freedom.”

“Living a life without regret is a universal desire. This book gives us a clear blueprint for making that desire a reality.”

“For years I’ve been trying to put a handle on why I feel the way I do when looking back over my shoulder. I mean, what parent hasn’t felt some aspect of regret in raising kids? Did I say the right thing? Was I fair? Did I live up to my words? And thinking back on my high school and college years, I’ve wondered if a different choice might have made for a different outcome. Truth is, I’m here now. It’s time to leave regrets where they belong… behind me. Mike’s given me some real tools here to deal with ‘the now’ of life; to embrace the uniqueness that God has planted in me. I’m sure everyone who reads this book will come away, as I did, with real, practical and positive help for steps to a life without regret.”

“In a world filled with measurements and pressures of success from the outside world ranging from personal relationships, career, power and monetary goals. The book Without Regret gives a step-by-step plan to evaluate and match your belief system to a life plan that brings a constant inner joy that is sustainable instead of fleeting happiness and recurrent guilt. A great read.”

Without Regret speaks to the core of what holds us back from regret-free living. Dr. Godfrey’s unique perspective of having coached hundreds of people from all walks of life, coupled with his transparency in sharing his own life experiences, makes Without Regret a must-read.”

“From the opening sentence, I identified with the message in Without Regret. Dr. Godfrey’s experience and study have prepared me to analyze my priorities, belief systems, and attitude in order to live a more fulfilling life. Just as he writes of the need to consistently plan and re-evaluate, I plan to use Without Regret as a tool for doing so for many years to come.”

“Michael Godfrey has provided for us a practical and valid path toward the abundant life promised to people of faith. He lays out a wonderfully detailed variety of ways for people to frame the process of self-discovery and how it is fundamental to the journey of living a life without regret. This is more than just another self-help book. It’s an easily accessed, but highly thoughtful template for faithful living.”

“Life moves at such a fast pace – Without Regret will help many people focus on present and future, not past. Without such a focus, much of life may be wasted on regrets of ‘what if.’ Michael has done a great job with this book of helping the reader look forward, reducing the drag of past, and giving all to the capacity God has provided us with in each day of life. The tools to accomplish free living are contained in this book; go forward in Christ!”

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