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It’s All In Your Head

Happenings in your life, your behavior, and the behavior of others need an explanation that makes sense to us. Humans are hard-wired to seek an explanation for things and are constantly assembling beliefs about how the world works, the behavior…

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The Compliment Habit

“I just can’t think of anything I can compliment them for.” People, who say this, probably deserve a compliment for at least trying to think of something for which to compliment another person. Most of us don’t take that time.…

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No Room!?

Does this kind of thing ever cross your mind? What? Another appointment? Another conversation? Another project? Another task? Another social engagement? Another problem to solve? Another call for commitment? No Room! How does a person get to the point of…

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To Do or Not To Do?

You know that problem you've had recently or the one you are facing right now? I'm talking about problems bigger than restaurant choice or which clothes to wear for the day. What's your usual approach to solving those bigger problems?…

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Are You Getting the Signal?

When the pressure of schedule, deadlines, people, and other life demands is on, stress rises. You go into (or live in) the same life-preserving fight-flight-freeze response that our cave-dwelling ancestors did when encountering a saber tooth tiger or T-Rex. That…

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