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Coming Fall 2017

Are you tired of feeling stretched as thin as ink on paper and wound tight as a piano string? Ready to be done with the aching shoulders, the headaches, clinched jaw, and chronic acid reflux? Want to stop flying off…

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Leisure and Discipline?

You're disciplined about work and other responsibilities. Right? How much of that discipline sneaks over into evenings and days off, with your thoughts occupied by work and your energy devoted to action on work issues (phone, email, text, etc.)? During…

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Who would do this for you?

Who would do this for you? Listen to you deeply and not interrupt with a "better idea," push a personal agenda, or try to "fix" you. Ask incisive, supportive questions that spur new insights for your life, relationships, and career.…

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To Do or Not To Do?

You know that problem you've had recently or the one you are facing right now? I'm talking about problems bigger than restaurant choice or which clothes to wear for the day. What's your usual approach to solving those bigger problems?…

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The Compliment Habit

“I just can’t think of anything I can compliment them for.” People, who say this, probably deserve a compliment for at least trying to think of something for which to compliment another person. Most of us don’t take that time.…

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