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For individuals and organizations looking for robust, practical, solid, results-driven solutions with no gimmicks or simplistic formulas, here are the latest offerings from True Course. Be sure to take advantage of free downloads and assessments.

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For Your Business

For Your Personal & Professional Life

Engage and Mobilize Your Employees

Stop struggling to engage and motivate your employees. Here is how to solve a billion-dollar problem, that confronts every leader, with simple yet powerful leadership practices that cost nothing and that you can implement immediately.

We help our clients save that money by coaching them to get to the root of demotivators for staff that affects team morale and then we teach them how to implement solutions to the problem. Clients gain awareness of any of their behaviors that might negatively impact the team leading to disengagement. The problem(s) is broken down into smaller steps to identify the cause of the unwanted outcome. Clients are coached to focus on how the future will look when they resolve the pressing issues. We get to the heart of the issues faster and surer.

To learn more, we invite you to take our free self-assessment by clicking here then contact us to explore your results.

Leading Change

Change is always challenging and a source of anxiety for individuals and organizations. We provide a comprehensive coaching approach to support clients to initiate and accelerate change, tasks with which all leaders struggle. Our approach has been used extensively in a variety of organizations to kick off change initiatives more powerfully, overcome obstacles, leverage support, manage resistance, resolve conflicts associated with change, and keep things moving forward. It also includes a critical methodology to assess stakeholders buy-in and gain acceptance for ideas by effectively influencing multiple people.

Succession Planning

Most organizations think of succession planning in a reactive way such as having to scramble to replace an executive who gives notice. We provide a process to integrate leadership development and succession planning into the fabric of any organization. We can help leadership teams in larger companies to plan for succession systematically, strengthening the organization significantly in the process. We also work with smaller, growing companies so that the owner is prepared to sell or exit the business rather than slowing business progress to match their wind-down to retirement or exit.

Board Development

This development approach is a comprehensive, step-by-step coaching methodology to help Board members become more aware of the strengths and challenges of the board, thoroughly develop the competencies a Board needs to succeed, and create a plan of action to develop or upgrade the Board. This approach works wonderfully combined with Strategic Planning, since organizations often find that they can’t implement strategy without first strengthening their Board.

Customer Experience Excellence

We coach clients to create a culture of customer experience excellence covering just about every line of inquiry you can imagine for helping clients to become more aware of gaps in their current customer experience and discover insights to address them. This approach made a dramatic difference in numerous organizations, including entrepreneurial growth companies, complex healthcare organizations, and mid-sized companies where service customer experience can be a competitive requirement and advantage.

To learn more, we invite you to take our free self-assessment by clicking here then contact us to explore your results.

Execute Effectively

“It’s hard to get things done around here.” That’s a common complaint of many individuals and organizations. Our approach to effectively executing decisive action begins by exploring many ways to help individuals improve their ability to execute. It looks at key orientations required for effective execution and coaching individuals to get better at implementing. Then, the approach shifts to organizational coaching, to coach leaders for making their workplaces an easier place to move things forward and get results.

Coaching for Growing Businesses

We often work with business owners, partners, and entrepreneurs. Our approach helps our clients set clear goals for their business, by focusing on the exact areas that drive growth and developing their business model around these goals. Next, we can help clients identify ways to achieve those goals, with well over 200 idea joggers for tactics that help companies improve their results. Third, we help clients come up with a strong marketing message and foundation. Finally, we suggest a methodology that helps leaders be true CEOs instead of employees working in the business. We use a proprietary model for business growth, and an assessment of the client’s business. This approach has helped larger organizations be more entrepreneurial, and smaller organizations gain discipline and grow systematically.

Strategic Planning

We assist individuals and organizations in seeing the big picture by utilizing well-placed, powerful strategic questions, relying on the client’s insights and wisdom for content, and managing processes so that the client does not get bogged down in the answers or analysis paralysis. A careful process is used to keep clients focused on the few priorities that really matter, instead of listing too many strategic priorities. While managing the process, the coach keeps the client in the driver’s seat so that the strategy is set up for success, with accountability, and so the client will effectively implement the strategy. The approach is very efficient (unlike many strategic planning experiences) using the conversations that matter most to the client based on their strategic needs.

To learn more, download our Strategic Assessment by clicking here then contact us to explore your results.

Team Coaching and Team Building

A clear process and specified lines of inquiry are used to help team leaders and their team members have open and honest discussions, stay accountable, create clear roles, and overcome obstacles to achieve their results. We are attentive to team leaders and members related to their respective points in the life cycle of their team participation and coach them accordingly. The Birkman Method® is used to help team members understand each other, support one another effectively, provide mutual motivation, and draw out the “best self” and “best work” for each team member. Assertiveness training can also be provided to assist members in giving each other positive advice to be better, keep improving, and achieve a better team product.

To learn more, download our Team Assessment by clicking here then contact us to explore your results.

Creating a High-Performance Culture

“Culture” has become a buzz word, but few understand what culture is exactly. We help individuals, business owners, CEO’s, and boards understand what culture is and what it takes to change the culture. Our clients discover the 6 top mistakes leaders make when trying to change a culture and how to avoid them. We use a powerful metaphor for leading culture change that will make our coaching come alive for our clients. Our coaching process is comprehensive including:

  • Clearly defining the present organizational culture
  • Communicating the “why” of culture change
  • Having the leader “go first” and model the culture change
  • Having the leader and leadership team set the tone consistently
  • Putting structures in place to support the culture
  • Confirming that the leaders’ intent and impact with all employees is consistent

To learn more, download our complimentary assessment by clicking here then contact us to explore your results.


Most mergers fail because of the exact issues that coaches understand, especially cultural issues. We use specific lines of inquiry to help clients assess a merger before jumping in, plan to make a merger go well, and resolve issues with mergers in progress. We can simplify mergers in an elegant, powerful way so that we become a key support to clients involved in the process of a merger.

Group Process Consulting/Facilitation

You want your teams to be exceptionally productive. Unfortunately, people are not born with the sophisticated skills needed to work together effectively and productively in groups. Organizations fail to train for these skills. As a result, many groups and teams are chronically underperforming, poorly communicating, and functioning ineffectively. You know this from the most recent meeting you attended that wasted person-hours and money or from the last group project needing completion only to have the process bog down and get stuck for lack of effective collaboration. Your sharpest talent may get discouraged and walk away. It’s a frustrating experience and you would think things ought to be different.

We can guide your groups to work better and achieve goals more efficiently. We start by investigating the ongoing life of the group, events that occur in the group, and the dynamics at work in the group. Using the results of the investigation we train the group to sharpen its approaches and work together more effectively to achieve assigned results. The organizations we serve with group process consulting achieve higher functioning groups, reach goals more readily and efficiently, and the lives of the group members are enriched. Stop wasting so much time, money and talent. Let’s sharpen your group processes.

This consulting can stand alone or be integrated as an aspect of other programs related to organizations and teams.

Managing Conflict – Make it Work for You

Conflict is a good and necessary component to the growth of relationships, teams, and organizations. We coach and train individuals, teams, and organizations for managing conflict in a productive, healthy way using a variety of approaches. Individuals learn how to manage themselves in the face of conflict while, along with their teams and organizations, they learn about how to manage conflict to achieve a healthier, more productive climate and culture in the larger setting.

Career Success Coaching

We provide a highly skilled, data-driven approach to career transition coaching whether the transition is a planned career move or a forced termination. When an executive or manager is in transition, we help, starting with our acclaimed Instant Career Plan, which helps clients quickly identify their strengths and career goals, and identify potential next steps for how to achieve those goals. Ten lines of inquiry are used to help clients explore the issues and succeed in new roles. We also help clients develop their personal brand.

To learn more, download our complimentary assessment by clicking here then contact us to explore your results.

Personal Domains Coaching

Clients sometimes have issues outside of work that cause distraction at work. We find, most often, that executive coaching focused on performance comes back around to the personal life of the executive. We coach the whole person, not just the person-in-a-job, helping our clients to manage these personal issues and create the complete life they want. If another form of professional assistance is needed (professional counseling, legal advice, etc.), we refer to appropriate experts in those fields. However, we effectively help our clients to hone in on issues, look at their entire life holistically, and make decisions that can have a tremendous impact on the clients and their families.

Inner Game/Perceptual Coaching for Greater Success

We have discovered that some people hold on to perceptions or beliefs that may have served them in the past, but now are limiting their potential and holding back their careers, leadership, or organizations. Examples: I can’t trust others; Everything must be perfect; I need to be liked; I need to be in control; I’m not good enough.

We work with clients to help them shift these beliefs to more helpful patterns and habits of thought which improve performance and provide a better basis for living and relating. In the process, we offer executive-level coaching distinctions to help (up-and-coming) leaders generate the attitudes they need for success.

To learn more, download our complimentary assessment by clicking here then contact us to explore your results.

Communicate Clearly and Powerfully

Communication is one of the top problematic issues that surfaces in coaching. We support clients in developing greater flexibility, power, clarity, skill, and impact when they communicate with both words and actions. This includes coaching clients for improving a big presentation, creating a high-performing culture by modeling the behaviors they want to see in the organization, developing a communication process for a major change initiative, running meetings more effectively, helping teams to hone in on the right conversations to move things forward, and listening as a critical key to having impact.

Overwhelm, Priorities, and Self-Management

We do not manage time. We manage what we do in time. Utilizing a clear, 3-step coaching process we help clients who feel overwhelmed by priority management and self-management issues to get control. The client accurately tracks their use of time to gain powerful insights about where and how their behavior in time with the time they have is or is not supporting their goals and aspirations. Then we coach the client to develop an inspiring vision and a clear picture of how they want to spend their time to achieve maximum success and productivity toward achieving their vision.

To learn more, download our complimentary assessment by clicking here then contact us to explore your results.

Powerbase Coaching 1

We use a coaching process that helps the client become more aware of the quality of their network of relationships, and how to improve their network. We move beyond simply identifying current powerbase qualities and begin with the client’s vision of the future and identifying their future powerbase needs. We use this with internal leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

How is your powerbase? Take this free assessment, and then you will know whether we should talk or not.

Powerbase Coaching 2

We build on the general work done in Powerbase I and take the issue to greater breadth and depth. Our approach includes four parts: 1) coaching clients to manage up to leadership as a whole; 2) coaching clients to have a stronger relationship with their direct manager; 3) working with clients to foster collaboration and working relationships across the organization; and 4) helping clients develop alliances to strengthen their businesses. This approach has been used in numerous situations to help clients become more visible, communicate their value, and forge the kinds of relationships needed up, down, and across the organization.

Stress Management – Put Stress to Work

You need some stress to be healthy and for your personal development. But, stress may be killing you. Our approach revolves around the no-nonsense understandings and principles found in Put Stress to Work: Turning Headaches to Advantages. Clients evaluate their stress levels, triggers, and responses and, in light of the evaluation, they learn to recognize stress symptoms and act to choose the best most effective response for the situation. We coach the use of effective, proven stress management strategies as well. As a result, clients are more productive, sleep better, and deliver better responses and interactions at home and work.

Please take a moment to check out the book, Put Stress to Work and download a complimentary assessment by clicking here.

Live Without Regret

Can you really do this? Yes, you can. Based on the book, Without Regret: Be More, See More, Achieve More that Really Matters, our clients learn a robust approach to forming a plan, performing actions in the plan, and transforming regret they already have to live free of regret. We train the principles and then coach clients to discover clarity regarding their uniqueness, values, mission, and vision to create an individualized guide to living without regret, unique to every individual. Related issues explored are boundaries, assertiveness, perfectionism, self-care, conflict, forgiveness, getting support for your life, and sabotage with plans established to deal with each of the issues. Clients discover that their life is more focused, their schedule is easier to manage, and decisions are easier to make. They do what they love and love what they do.

Influence, Conversation, Flexibility, and Impact

We utilize a proven process to coach our clients to be as prepared as possible to achieve the best possible outcome in high-stakes meetings. Clients identify communication approaches which work best in high-stakes influence conversations so that the coach can help the client plan wisely. We use role play/rehearsal in an efficient way that helps clients experience powerful insights about their influence and impact and gets optimal results for clients. This approach also helps clients take more control as leaders by turning complaints into powerful opportunities to influence others and improve performance.

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