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Create a
High-Performance Culture

Culture defines the attitudes, behaviors, habits, and disciplines for how things get done in your organization. Ultimately, culture determines success. Use our culture assessment to get a sense of your organization’s health.

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“Culture” has become a buzz word, but few understand what culture is exactly. We help individuals, business owners, CEO’s, and boards understand what culture is and what it takes to change the culture.

Our clients discover the 6 top mistakes leaders make when trying to change a culture and how to avoid them. We use a powerful metaphor for leading culture change that makes our coaching come alive for our clients.

Our coaching process is comprehensive including:

  • Clearly defining the present organizational culture
  • Communicating the “why” of culture change
  • Having the leader “go first” and model the culture change
  • Having the leader and leadership team set the tone consistently
  • Putting structures in place to support the culture
  • Confirming that the leader’s intent and impact with all employees is consistent
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