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Team Performance

We help organizations become more productive and a better place to work.

At True Course, we know the discouragement and frustration of teams that are troubled with conflict. Their members work in “siloes,” use subversive power plays, and sometimes even sabotage the work of others. There are also those who are just in the wrong position.

So What Makes Good Teams?

  • minimal politics
  • clearly defined goals
  • high degrees of morale and productivity
  • low turnover among good employees
How We Help You »

The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health…many leaders struggle to embrace organizational health because they quietly believe they are too sophisticated, too busy, or too analytical to bother with it.

Patrick Lencioni

Transform your company’s future today.

Impact on Leaders

  • Manage conflict to the advantage of the organization
  • Transform conflict from destructive to constructive
  • Eliminate passive interactions between team members
  • Increase efficiency in communication
  • Discover how to bring out the best from every team member

Impact on Team Members

  • Add unique value to each individual team member
  • Understand how to help team members be their best and do their best work
  • Integrate their personalities and styles to achieve greater synergy
  • Learn how to leverage conflict for greater productivity
  • Gain clearer focus on purpose, vision, and values of the organization

After working with True Course, you will be leading and performing at a higher level than ever before. Take the first step towards building a better organization.

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