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When Staff Interactions Make You Crazy: Helps for Realizing a Maximum Team Experience
by J. Michael Godfrey, D.Min, Ph.D, PCC

This video recorded presentation will offer a look “behind the curtain” to see what is happening in church staff and employee interactions (helpful or not) which can impact atmosphere, performance, productivity, and relationships in general. Participants will receive helpful tips, skills, and resources for achieving maximum team performance, productivity, and ultimately, making your organization a better place to work.

Best Suited For:
This seminar is best suited for those who supervise or coordinate the work of church staff and employees and are ready to serve as a powerful catalyst in the way their teams perform, produce, and relate.

Participants in this webinar can become:

  • More confident and perceptive as leaders.
  • More self-aware and improved self-management.
  • More socially-aware and improved in social interaction.
  • More adept in conflict management.
  • More knowledgeable of a variety of tools for use in team building which can be utilitzed immediately.
  • Catalysts for sustaining effective, harmonious, efficient and productive teams.

Video Length – 55 minutes

Group Access:

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