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What is Coaching and What Can it Do for You?
by J. Michael Godfrey, D.Min, Ph.D, PCC

This single-session powerpoint presentation is for individuals who are interested in getting a clear understanding of the nature of coaching as a developmental tool; how it differs from other helping tools such as mentoring and therapy; and what coaching can do for their personal development, relationships, and careers. 

Benefits: At the conclusion of the webinar, you will:

  • Know the nature of coaching as a developmental tool.
  • Recognize the difference between coaching and mentoring, consulting, and therapy.
  • Understand how to access coaching and/or coach training for yourself.
  • Understand how coaching can help in your personal development, relationships, and career.

If you want to discover a resource that creates powerful growth and movement toward your goals and still “keeps you in the driver’s seat,” this webinar is for you.

Video Length – 43:52

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