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Putting Stress to Work for You and Your Family
by J. Michael Godfrey, D.Min, Ph.D, PCC

This 3 part webinar will help you take the natural and normal experience of stress and put it to work for you and your family. You will also become aware of when stress may become dangerous and damaging.

Best Suited for:
This webinar is best suited for those who want to be more aware of their ability to control stress and gain skills to do so.

You will benefit from attending this webinar because I will teach you:

  • How stress works and how it affects you.
  • How to increase self-awareness and self-management skills as related to stress.
  • A variety of tips and step-by-step techniques for proactive stress management.
  • A variety of tips and step-by-step techniques to manage acute stress.


Video Length – Part 1: 50 minutes   Part 2: 52 minutes   Part 3: 52 minutes

Group Access:

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