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Making Conflict Work for You
by J. Michael Godfrey, D.Min, Ph.D, PCC

These recorded seminar sessions are designed for any individual who is ready to face conflict, manage it masterfully, and skillfully work to transform what could be a negative, disappointing, alienating experience (and often is) into a positive opportunity for the growth of all involved.

Principles presented can assist you in any relationships such as marriage, parenting, extended family, work relationships, church relationships, and even telemarketers.


You’ll really benefit when you attend this webinar because I’ll teach you how to:

  • Gain a new perspective on conflict;
  • Gain a “behind the curtains” look at what’s happening in conflict situations;
  • Explore your default approach to conflict;
  • Understand your part in every conflict you encounter;
  • Develop skills for making conflict work for you(including communication, assertiveness, giving emotional feedback, conducting a fair fight, achieving win-win outcomes).


Video Length – Session 1: 37 minutes    Session 2: 41 minutes    Session 3: 40 minutes    Session 4: 46 minutes    Session 5: 44 minutes    Session 6: 42 minutes    Session 7: 37 minutes

Group Access:

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