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Problem-solving, critical observation and thought, creativity, and self-management are all activities a professional wants to do well.  Professional learning involves all of these soft skills but they are not taught in school as an essential component of learning-in-practice.  Even if they were taught, most do not take the time to learn from their mistakes, under-performing, or outright failures.

Our coaching process helps professionals take the time to reflect on their practice.  Our support for professional learning is comprehensive and led by experts in creativity, problem-solving, and adult education in general.

The process includes opportunities for:

  • Regular reflection and action planning for performance issues that are important to you.
  • Consistent practice in problem-solving, critical observation and thought, creativity, and self-management.
  • Understanding and managing blocks to continued growth.
  • Growth in self-awareness.
  • Learning to effectively rotating from the “balcony” to the “dance floor” of leadership.
  • Gaining a systems perspective — conceptual and concrete, global and linear

Remember that few of us, if any, will be consistent in personal and professional development on our own.  Get someone to be your partner and hold you accountable for sticking to the process of professional development.  A True Course coach can help.

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