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The Essential Skillset of Emotional Intelligence – Report from the Capgemini Research Institute.

Click Here to download an Infographic of research findings.

Additional Research

The World Economic Forum released their top 10 job skills for success for 2020, and emotional intelligence was ranked in the top 10.

How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence in the Time of COVID-19 by LAURA K. MURRAY, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins, APRIL 21, 2020

Emotionally Intelligent Bosses Make for Happier, More Creative Employees by Brita Belli, YaleNews, March 6, 2020

The Rise of AI Makes Emotional Intelligence More Important by Megan Beck and Barry Libert, Harvard Business Review, February 17, 2017

5 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is the Future of Work: Technology, Generation Z and neuroscience are all contributing to emotional intelligence being the future of work  by Ryan Jenkins, Entrepreneur (online), July 13, 2020.

The massive benefits of boosting your Emotional Intelligence:  Improving your emotional intelligence can benefit both your professional and personal life by Travis Bradberry, World Economic Forum February 17, 2020.

Why Emotional Intelligence Is A Critical Skill For The Future Workforce by Bill Benjamin Training Magazine online   February 28, 2020

While artificial intelligence and automation take over routine mental and physical tasks, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is becoming the key differentiator in achieving excellence in individual and organizational engagement, product innovation, and customer experience.

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