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About Coaching

Benefits of Coaching

Emotional/Psychological Benefits

  • Positive change in attitude.
  • Increase motivation.
  • Increase confidence.
  • Feel better emotionally through the use of self-care strategies.
  • Improve boundaries
    • Supports you in clarification and establishment of boundaries.
    • Supports you in holding boundaries consistently.
  • Get emotionally clear through understanding and practicing forgiveness.
  • Establish realistic but challenging expectations of yourself.
  • Increase ability to bounce back from difficulties and challenges.

Physical Benefits

  • Feel better physically.
  • Establish physical self-care strategies.
  • Establish rhythms for increased energy.
  • Appreciate your personality and related energy levels.
  • Achieve your goals for nutrition, rest, and exercise.

Thinking Benefits

  • Improve decision-making and problem-solving skill.
  • Gain broader, deeper perspectives and more options for action.
  • Develop creative perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities.
  • Increase awareness of limiting beliefs, false assumptions, and new possibilities.
  • Increase focus on the important and ability to maintain it.

Productivity, Achievement, and Success Benefits

  • Accelerate and increase productivity – Get more done in less time.
  • Gain resources to more easily adjust to transition and change.
  • Uncover and develop your unique leadership qualities.
  • Maximize your potential, move from good to great.
  • Live consistently according to your priorities based on your foundational values.
  • Experience a strong sense of accountability.

Relationship Benefits

  • Improve interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to create environments of interpersonal trust.
  • Assertively stand for your personal growth and boundaries.
  • Communicate much more effectively, even in tense circumstances.
  • Improve ability to manage conflict.
  • Identify, establish, and utilize a support team for your personal development.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Develop emotional, intellectual, and psychological foundations to open the way for strong spiritual development.
  • Gain clarity about and appreciation of the role of your spirituality in your personal growth.
  • Gain clarity about personal values, vocation, mission, and vision.
  • Gain clarity about your personality and styles as they interact with your spirituality and religious practices.




Michael Godfrey is leading me to know myself better so that I can love who I am and function at the highest level possible. My coaching experience is a journey of self-discovery that energizes who I am and how my life impacts others daily. I am grateful for Michael’s wisdom as he carefully offers practical help to meet my personal needs. I believe my life is just one example of many lives being transformed through coaching with Michael Godfrey.
Mark Towns, Senior Pastor, Memorial Church, Jefferson City, MO

Michael has a keen understanding of the human heart. Psychology textbooks can explain a lot of things, but it takes someone like Michael to add the "human" element, to make the picture complete.
The fact that Michael genuinely cares about each individual, as well as the team as a whole, is evident and central to getting great results. I whole-heartedly recommend Michael to any group or team who wishes to develop and enjoy its maximum potential.
Glenda Jones, Summit Dental Lab

It's impossible to put a price on the benefit of Dr. Godfrey's work with our organization as we have faced the challenges of explosive growth. As a coach he has helped me focus on the areas where I can make the most difference in our organization, be more effective in my role, and work from my strengths to accomplish more. His unique ability to help with practical steps for increasing productivity is invaluable.
Eric Shero, CPA, President and COO, Alliance Bank of Central Texas

I attended one of Michael's luncheons where he spoke on Professional Coaching. Having plans as a small business owner, I was intrigued. In my first conversation with Michael, I was convinced. His professionalism and expertise was evident from the start and I reaped immediate benefits.
I recommend Michael whether you are a small business owner or a large organization. He helps you develop insight and planning that begins at the very core of you and your staff. Michael upholds standards and ethics geared at helping you achieve increase in all capacities.
I was very excited to see what we accomplished in a mere 45 minutes. I look forward to what is in store on the horizon. I highly recommend Michael if you are looking to grow and increase your professional success. It's an investment you can count on!
Karen Oakley, Owner/Sr. Graphic Designer, Karen Oakley Design

As happens with many recent seminary graduates, my first ministry assignment left me somewhat isolated, especially compared to the community one had during seminary studies. Michael came alongside me and helped me develop habits and goals that would not only help me successfully navigate that period of my ministry, but also help set me on a lifelong journey of successful ministry. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for assistance in becoming the best minister that they can be.
Dr. Taylor Sandlin

I am a coach and have worked with Michael on several occasions in different capacities. His approach has always been one of integrity and thoroughness. He is uniquely gifted and trained in helping others reach their full potential. I would recommend Michael to anyone who's serious about growing personally and professionally.
Val Hastings, MCC, Founder of Coaching4Clergy

Dr. Michael Godfrey has had a lasting impact on my journey of faith and call which through True Course Ministries allowed me to embrace His unique plan and purpose for my life and His glory. I cannot stress how vital the mentoring and life coaching has been for clarity in ministry. Thank you Dr. Michael, for providing the tools and grace to make a difference in this life.
Rick Vasquez

Michael is not only my friend, but my professional coach! He really brings out the best in me!
Dr. Joe Loughlin

I strongly recommend spending time with Dr. Godfrey on a regular basis to receive valuable mentoring that will help you develop into a better leader for your business, family, and community.
David Nordyke, Owner/Founder, Simply Design Group

Michael's ministry has had a great impact on my life, if you need an outside voice of reason to help clear up the confusion of your life choices he is a good place to start.
Amos Humphries

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