Team Development

At True Course, we know the discouragement and frustration of teams that are troubled with conflict. Their members work in “siloes,” use subversive power plays, and sometimes even sabotage the work of others. There are also those who are just in the wrong position.

With your teams, are you . . .

  • Killing your team morale by creating or allowing an environment of defensiveness and fear?
  • Stifling productivity with too many unproductive, time-wasting meetings?
  • Frustrated with mismatched people and positions?
  • Troubled with team conflict and competition rather than cooperation and collaboration?
  • Losing touch, unable to keep your finger on things as you once did?

We help your organization become more productive and a better place to work.

Let’s talk about how.


If your organization was a True Course client, you would be experiencing these benefits . . .

  • Greater organizational health.
  • Accelerated personal and leadership development among individual team members.
  • Integration of team members’ personalities and styles to achieve greater synergy.
  • Improved morale and increased motivation as members feel included, appreciated, successful, and empowered.
  • Skillfully planned, effective meetings which result in higher productivity, increased synergy, and improved team dynamics (group process consulting and facilitation).
  • Create meetings that achieve your objectives and result in higher productivity. We help you focus on purpose, hold on-track discussions, create clearly defined actions, and arrive at shared expectations (group process consulting and facilitation).
  • Clearer focus on purpose, vision, and values of your organization.
  • Increased people-job alignment with the right people in the organization in the right places.
  • Growing trust, respect, and collaboration among team members, decrease in distractive conflict.
  • Appreciation for each individual team member’s unique qualities and contributions.
  • Healthier individual team members.
  • Team members being their best self and doing their best work more often and more consistently.
  • Team members who understand how to leverage conflict for greater productivity.
The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organizational health. Yet it is ignored by most leaders . . . In spite of its undeniable power so many leaders struggle to embrace organizational health because they quietly believe they are too sophisticated, too busy, or too analytical to bother with it . . . A good way to recognize health is to look for the signs an organization has it . . . minimal politics and confusion, high degrees of morale and productivity, and very low turnover among good employees. -- Patrick Lencioni

Impact on Leaders

Our Team Development approach benefits leaders by helping them to:

  • Manage conflict to the advantage of the organization;
  • Transform conflict from destructive to constructive;
  • Eliminate passive interactions between team members;
  • Increase efficiency in communication; and
  • Understand how to bring out the very best self and performance from every team member.

After working with True Course you will be leading at a higher level than ever before.

Impact on Team Members

The True Course approach helps your team members by:

  • Adding unique value to each individual team member;
  • Understanding how to help each team member be their best self and do their best work;
  • Integrating their personalities and styles to achieve greater synergy; and
  • Understanding how to leverage conflict for greater productivity.

Take the first step towards building a better organization.


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