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At True Course, we champion personal development because we understand what it’s like to:

  • Be busy up to your ears at work and have tons of responsibility outside of work.
  • Be unable to sleep at night while worrying or trying to solve problems.
  • Wonder why you are here. Is this all there is?
  • Realize that you are running fast but not achieving what you want.

Sounds familiar? Are you really where you want to be now in life?

Let’s talk about it.


Can this really help me?

When you become a part of the elite group of people who engage True Course for Personal Development, here are a few self-improvement benefits you will experience through our programs:

  • Learn to relax and grow in the face of things you can’t control
  • Establish your crystal clear purpose, values, and priorities as the basis for your decisions
  • Achieve your personal goals quicker and surer
  • Manage your stress, guilt, and worry more effectively
  • Create a healthy integration of life and work
  • Realize the full potential of your valuable strengths and personal uniqueness
  • Replace discouragement with more hopeful, grateful, and empowered living
  • Eliminate negative, draining things you may be tolerating in your life
  • Create a foundation for living that can position you, your family, and future generations to make a meaningful difference in the world
  • Build nurturing relationships and avoid relationships that drain you
  • Communicate productively and collaboratively without putting another on the defensive
  • Appreciate the contribution of your unique personality and the personalities of others
  • Learn how to build reserves of positive energy in your life physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and mentally

Take responsibility for your own existence and actions instead of resigning to a victim mentality.


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