Why Choose True Course

We understand that you have options and choices.  Our hope is that you would choose True Course, because if you do we are certain you will be satisfied.  Here's the proof:

A Nationally Recognized Leadership Program

Our clients gain numerous benefits from True Course's nationally recognized leadership growth program, which has helped individuals around the country deepen their understanding of life, learning, and leadership.

True Course knows that specific challenges require specific attention. We don't default to cookie-cutter answers to solve today's problems. And because we firmly believe that every person is an exceptional individual with unmatched potential, we offer customized, results-oriented programs to address and tackle each area that concerns you. We approach every issue and individual in the context of real life and today's culture while also keeping leadership growth in mind, all in an effort to develop our clients professionally, personally, and mentally.

Solutions for Today's Challenges

True Course understands that 21st-century leaders are inundated with ever-changing technology and readily available information each day, and this constant influx of communication can make critical thinking and learning increasingly difficult. Oftentimes, it's easy to lose focus. Guidance from an experienced True Course professional can make your desire to live capably, lead skillfully, and help others grow exponentially a reality.

We Get Leadership

We know that one of the pillars of leadership is the ability to relate socially. Social systems in the office--and at home--can be complicated, dynamic, and complex arenas to engage in, and True Course can help you expand your leadership skills to encompass the ability to relate, motivate, and create synergy among others. Our professionals want you to be a learner who leads, and a leader who learns. Their unbiased viewpoint and supporting, listening ear challenge people to both define and reach their goals while becoming outstanding leaders.

A Different Approach: Uniquely Designed Services for Every Individual

At True Course, your unique situations, time, and energy are prioritized as our professionals seek to help you discover a greater sense of purpose, pinpoint your goals, and begin your journey down the path to success, all within the safety of a non-judgmental environment where confidentiality is valued. Whether you choose a mentoring, coaching, or consulting specific experience, we understand the significance of meaningful relationships, clearly defined ambitions, and intentional growth.

In order to help you effectively bridge the gap between knowledge and action, we employ a variety of motivational, customizable techniques and principles that are designed with you and your unique needs and talents in mind.

Wait a second, they never taught me this in college!

Have you ever had this thought when dealing with life's demands, office politics, and mounting responsibilities? If so, you're not alone. Educational research suggests that classroom experience rarely definitively prepares you for life and work in the "real world." True Course helps you translate your theoretical knowledge into practical applications through personalized mentoring, coaching, and consulting methods.

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