How to Stop Floating and Stand Up. 7 Essentials.

How to Stop Floating and Stand Up. 7 Essentials.

Just south of here, the Guadalupe River is host to thousands floating in its current on inner tubes (the rubber things that used to go inside a tire). 

Floating on a river can be a really fun, lazy time where you do nothing except get wet and let the current carry you.  You can watch who and what you are passing as well as who and what is passing you.  Or you can just close your eyes, enjoy the contrast of the cool water and the hot sun on your skin, and let the river take you where it will as it will.  And, at some point, you must stand up, take control from the current, and walk out of the water.

You can approach life like tubing on a river, allowing the current to take you where it will as it will.  You can watch events and people as they pass by.  Its fun for a while, but you can’t continue this and fully realize your potential.  Worse, you can reach the end of your life and discover that you floated through life, influenced by any current, and accomplished little that matters.

At some point, you must put your feet down on the ground, take full control of the navigation, and walk out of life’s currents.

Here are five ways to take control and walk toward your potential.

  • Be determined that you can and will.  “Do or do not, there is no try.” -- Yoda
  • Take action now to establish a written personal purpose statement.  Not when you “get time” or get past some event or issue.  It’s a matter of priority and what’s important so do it now.
  • Set some “baby step” goals and start moving toward them and your purpose.   Your sense of purpose will become even clearer as you move into action.
  • Pay attention.  Adjust your course as needed, always with your purpose in clear sight.
  • Use a support team to encourage, advise you, and serve as a sounding board.
  • Learn while in action and learn from every failure or success.
  • Celebrate every achievement.

What will help you most to stand up and walk out of the water toward the fullness of your potential?

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