Achieve More by Managing Your Fear and Anxiety - 10 Secrets

Achieve More by Managing Your Fear and Anxiety - 10 Secrets

When big decisions must be made, fear and anxiety are always close by and can seriously cloud or obscure the real issue.   Fear and anxiety impair the very capacities we need for taking efficient and effective action.   Fear and anxiety reduce our ability to

  • Think rationally
  • Understand
  • Remember
  • Exercise good judgment
  • Make decisions
  • Inhibit thoughts and behaviors
  • Control unwanted, negative thoughts and responses
  • Accurately interpret data (accidental connections) which leads to generalization
  • Effectively identify problems and solve problems
  • Take risks
  • Be optimistic

Here are tips for managing fear and anxiety to achieve more:

  1. Embrace the fear and anxiety you have about the action.  Don't resist or deny it but don't wallow in it either.
  2. Focus on breathing deeply – belly breathing – more often and anxiety will lower.
  3. Get the anxiety and fear into the light.  Name what you are feeling.   Write it out and/or talk with a friend, confidant, coach, or therapist.
  4. Identify the generator of your fear or anxiety.  Is it fear of:  job loss, control, credibility, reputation, comfort, security, or prestige?  Is it a fear of embarrassment, disrespect, feeling you are unworthy, failure?   Something else?
  5. Envision a positive outcome.  Focus on what you want and not what you don’t want as a result of your action--on the positive and expansive versus the negative and limited.
  6. Identify the “worst thing” that could happen as you take action.   How would you live with this and act in light of it if the "worst" becomes reality?
  7. Believe that the failure of a good-faith effort can be the precursor to success.  We learn our greatest success lessons from what sometimes seems the worst.
  8. Be confident that no matter what happens there are always alternative routes to the goal.
  9. Feel the fear, keep your planning dynamic, and courageously move toward your goal.
  10. Affirm that baby steps are good and certainly better than no steps and eventually add up to big steps.  But, don’t settle for baby steps when you can take a giant step.

John Wooden said,

Success is never final,
failure is never fatal
It’s courage that sounds.

Clear the way to achieve more by managing the fear and moving toward your goal.

How do you manage the fear and anxiety that comes with a big decision or  moving toward a big achievement?

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