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Do you ever feel like you've exhausted your own knowledge and approach to group productivity? At True Course, we understand the value of an educated, outside perspective.  That's why we provide each client with in-depth recommendations and dynamic ideas designed for organizations facing interpersonal,procedural, and staffing challenges.

Our specialized consultants will get to know you and understand your personal needs and the needs of your organization and help you create recommendations that are dedicated to achieving your goals.

Birkman Offers from True Course

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Areas of Focus
  • Group Development & Wellness
  • Building Team Synergy
  • Conflict Management

Todd Moore - Birkman Testimonial from Michael Godfrey on Vimeo.


Birkman Group Feedback

Birkman Group Feedback from Michael Godfrey on Vimeo.

Unique Approach

The Birkman Method® measures and reports behavioral data differently from most other assessments. Most assessments work hard to eliminate social desirability (the tendency to strive for creating a good impression) from participant responses. The Birkman Method® uses a participant’s understanding of social desirability along with motivational desires, to measure and report the way that person interacts in everyday life situations where people actually do color their behavior according to their understanding of social desirability.

Descriptive And Prescriptive – The Birkman Method® offers both descriptive and prescriptive information for the individual. Many instruments provide effective descriptions of certain personal mo- tivations and behaviors. The Birkman Method®, unlike most other assessment approaches, describes desires, strengths, motivational needs and stress reactions for the individual and provides basic recommendations for developing skills when faced with varying environments and people. This helps individuals manage life and work situations in ways that fulfill their motivational needs, and govern frustration where stress can cause reactions that so often damage relationships and occupational effectiveness. All of this is provided in a single integrated assessment and reporting system.

Ready for Action? - Contact us directly about our Birkman® Consulting services. Use the links below to see more information about these services, their effectiveness and how they can help you and your team.

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The Birkman Method®

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The Value of Using Assessments

How the Birkman Compares



I have participated in many corporate development initiatives in my career and I can truly commit that this is the absolute best team exercise I have experienced. The most impact for the time spent - I promise.
Steven T. Cates, President/CEO, Texas Life Insurance Company

Having taken our managers through the Birkman assessment and Michael's training, I'm happy to say that we're functioning as a team much smoother now. Having a better understanding of each other creates a great deal more efficiency -- not to mention, pleasure in working together!
Glenda Jones, Summit Dental Lab

I have always been skeptical when it comes to analytical testing. As I trudged through the questions of the Birkman I was doubtful that I would receive an analytical report that would truly teach me something new about myself or even how I might become a better leader. Upon receiving the report from the Birkman, I can honestly say that I was completely wrong in my skepticism. As I read through my report, I found myself nodding my head in agreement. There were even times where I said out loud “oh, that makes sense.” To further my pleasant surprise, I found it incredibly helpful to walk through our assessments with Dr. Godfrey.  There you have it; I was wrong to doubt the Birkman test.
2013 Birkman Client

The work of True Course is helping our team members capitalize on similarities and differences in their personalities and styles for greater productivity. We are experiencing amazing camaraderie even in the most stressful times. Engaging True Course is not an expense, it's an investment.
Eric Shero, CPA, President and COO, Alliance Bank of Central Texas

The Birkman is non-biased/ straight forward which you can continually reference as you make decisions.  It will be an affirmation of your personality and an 'aha moment' in others.  It helped me have an awareness of who I am and how to handle myself in different situations.
Cheryl Jones

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